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Caller I.D. Part OfScene 1 (1 Viewer)

Caller I.D. Part Of Scene 1

The inspiration for this script came to me one day while, i won't tell if you wont, prank phone calling. What can I say? I got bored! Anyway, I made up this whole story about a girl named Bethellany, and I would call people asking for her ans saying very strange things about the events happening in her life, I won't go any further in telling you what exactly I said. Better you should read the script and tell me what you think.

(lights up on Heather's room which is all furry, fluffy, pink, girly, etc. where she and Tracey are having a slumber party; we hear them laugh, girlishly of course, but then it slowly dies down to a relaxed sigh; when the lights come up, we see Tracey and Heather sitting on the bed, which of course is princess themed; next to the bed is a nightstand on which sits a phonebook and...... a telephone)

Tracey - (with a geeky lisp) Gee Heather, it was real swell for you to invite me over to your house for a surprise slumber party! It's the best one I've ever been to!

Heather - Tracey, it's the only one you've ever been to.

Tracey - Yeah I know! Isn't it aswome? So, what now?

Heather - Hm, I'm not sure. I know! I'll consult the manual!

(she pulls out a huge book from under her bed)

Tracey - OO! What's that?

Heather - The Complete Unabridged Loser's Guide For Throwing First Time Slumber Parties For You And Your One And Only Geekish Best Friend...... Fourth Edition. I bought it this weekend!

Tracey - Wow! That's a really long titile! How do they come up with this stuff?

Heather - I don't know, but who cares! It's got almost absolutly positively everything we need!

Tracey - Almost?

Heather - Almost. sadly, it doesn't teach stock market skills.

Tracey - Aw shucks!

Heather - but it does have games, tips, planners, and recipes!

Tracey - Recipes? You mean like for cooking food?

Heather - Uh huh. Four hundred and seventy-two to be exact.

Tracey - Let's go cook some right now! Then we can get fat, totaly forget about our appearences and feel all sorry for ourselves!

Heather - All right!

(they start toward the door when suddenly the phone rings)

Tracey - Curse the timing!

Heather - I'll get it.

(she picks up the phone)


Zach's Voice - (creepy) Hello...... Heather.

Heather - Hey! That's my name!

Zach's Voice - I know.

Heather - May I ask who is this?

Zach's Voice - No.

Heather - Oh sorry. I suppose that was a little straight foward. Whereever are my manners?

Zach's Voice - I don't know Heather. Why don't you look in your closet. You know, the pink one.

Heather - Like oh my gosh! How did you know my so room was so totaly pink?

Zach's Voice - I know these things. You know why...... Heather?

Heather - Because...... you went to college?

Zach's Voice - No.

Heather - You mean you didn't go to college? Shame on you!

Zach's Voice - Try again.

Heather - Because...... you're pychic?

Zach's Voice - No. I know it's pink because...... (whispering) I 'm in your house right now.

Heather - Oh, I get it.

(pause as she stares blankly at the wall, then all of a sudden it hits her)

Aghh! Aghh!

Tracey - Heather! Whatever's the matter?

Heather - Tracey! There's a man on the phone and......

Tracey - Uh! A man!

(she crosses herself and then dunks under the bed)

Heather - No! You don't understand! He's not just any man!

Tracey - Uh! You mean he's Polish?

Heather - No! He's...... he's......

(she whimpers)

Tracey - What? What is it?

Heather - Tracey...... he's in the house.

Tracey - Oh.


Aghh! Aghh!

(during this next set of lines, tracey runs around the room screaming histerically)

Heather - Now see here mister, I don't know who you want or what you are, but...... no, wait. That's not right. Who you what, what you who..... no. That's not right.

Tracey - Aghh! Aghh!

Heather - Ah ha! I've got it! Now see here mister, I don't know who you went with or where you went, but...... no. That's not right either. Hold on a minute. tracey!

(Tracey crashes into the wall)

Tracey - Yes?

Heather - It's very rude to talk when other people are on the phone!

Tracey - Oh, sorry.

(sulking, she closes herself in the closet)

Heather - Now, what was I saying? Oh yes! Now see here mister, I don't know who you are or what you want, but I really must insist you leave us alone! Yes, that's it!

Zach's Voice - Sorry Heather, no can do.

Heather - Wait a minute, how do you know my name?

(he laughs menacingly)

Where are you?

Zach's Voice - I don't know Heather. Where are you? Where are any of us really?

Heather - Now see here, don't go getting all philosophical on me. Just tell me where you are!

(he gives one last evil laugh and hangs up)

Hello? Hello? Mister man? Hello? Well how rude!

(she slams the phone down)

Hm! The nerve of some people. Calling people up at their houses, disrupting their surprise slumber parties and manual readings. Hm! Not in my house!


Uh! Wait! The house! My house! He's in the house! Tracey? Tracey? Where are you? Oh no! He's taken her! Don't worry Tracey! I'll find you!

Tracey - Don't worry Heather I'm in here.

Heather - Where?

Tracey - In your closet.

Heather - In my closet? Tracey! The man could be in there!

(all of a sudden Tracey bursts out of the closet screaming, taking the door with her)

Tracey - Heather! What are we going to do?

Heather - I know! let's consult the manual!

Tracey - Good idea!

(Heather hastily flips through the manual)

Heather - Let's see now, man, man, man. Hm...... mingeling, mirrors, mother's...... Michael Jackson...... it's not here! Tracey! It's not here!

Tracey - Well that's dumb. What kind of slumber party manual doesn't include anything about intruders? Haven't these people ever seen Slumber Party Massacre?


Heather - Uh! Tracey! did you hear that?

Tracey - Hear what?

(a loud thump)

Tracey and Heather - (grabbing onto each other) Uh!

Heather - That!

Tracey and Heather - Aghh!!!!!!

(suddenly the door comes flying open and heather's little brother Zach runs in dressed in a rain coat with sausages draped around it to look like intestines)

Tracey - Oh no! He is Polish!

(Zach throws the coat off and jumps onto Heather and Tracey who scream and fall back onto the bed)

Heather - Zachary! What are you doing?

Zach - I am not Zach! I am sausage thing!

Tracey - (in Polish) Izh na schlostkoy vy Polish minyetsky!

Zach and Heather - Huh?

Tracey - Oh. You mean you're not Polish?

Heather - No! He's not Polish Tracey! It's just Zach.

Tracey - Zach? Oh right! Zach! (suddenly disgusted) Oh right. Zach.

Zach - (flirting) Hi Tracey. I hope I didn't scare you too much.

Tracey - Not until you took the coat off. Now that was scary.

(the girls laugh, then sigh)

Zach - Playing hard to get eh?

(he falls into her lap)

I like it.

(she gets up, causing him to fall to the floor)

Heather - What do you want Zach? Can't you see that we're busy?

(Zach is too busy staring at Tracey)

Zach? Zach!

Zach - What? Oh. Sorry. I was too busy marveling at this beutiful work of art.

Heather - (walking over drawing the made that she hung on the wall) You really think so? Well, I don't like to brag, but......

Zach - No! Not that! Tracey.

Heather - Oh. That.

Tracey - Yeah, I'm going back in the closet. At least it's safe in there. Let me know if a real man walks in.

Zach - I'm a real man.

Heather - You're hardly even a real boy Pinoccio. Now if you don't mind, Tracey and i would like to get back to our slumber party, and stay off the phone. It's not very nice to be prank phone calling.

Zach - Sure it is! I do it all the time.

Heather - Uh! You do? Just wait till I tell mom!

Zach - You do and I'll tell mom what you keep hidden in the closet.

Heather - Ha! i don't keep anything hidden in my closet for your information.

(suddenly Tracey runs screaming out of the closet)

Tracey - Aghh! There's something back there! Aghh!

(she trips over the bed)

Heather - All right fine, but really, what fun do you get out of it?

Zach - What? Prank phone calling? It's only America's faviorate past time after 7:30! It's the thrill of invisibility! The sudden rush of adrenaline! The burst of energy you feel when you have the power to call anyone in the world and say anything in the world, but they don't know who you are! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

(he drops down to the ground laughing in an evil cacheling voice; then he collects himself and jumps back up)

You should try it some time.

Heather - Ha! I'll pass. Honestly, who would waste precious time with such childish and immature pranks? Prank phone calling. Ha!

Zach - Suit yourself.

(he walks to the door and starts to leave, but turns around)

But one day you will join me Heather. You too Tracey. One day you will......

Heather - (slamming the door in his face) Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever. Can you believe that Tracey? Prank phone calling! Have you ever heard of anything so stupid?

(the two burst out laughing but freeze all of a sudden and shoot their eyes towards the phone)

What are you looking at?

Tracey - Nothing. What are you looking at?

Heather - Nothing.

Tracey - So, we're both looking at the same thing.

Heather - So it would appear.

(the two slowly walk away from the phone then suddenly shoot their eyes back to it)

I thought I saw something.

Tracey - Me too.

Heather - So we both saw the same thing.

Tracey - So it would appear.

(they edge slowly even farther away from the phone when Heather catches Tracey looking back)

Heather - Ah ha! I knew it! You were looking at the phone weren't you? Weren't you?

Tracey - No! No! I wasn't! Honestly! I was just...... examining the fine craftsmanship of your nightstand.

Heather - You want to make a prank phone call don't you? Don't you? Don't you?!!!!!!

Tracey - Hey wait a minute! You wouldn't have seen me look back if you hadn't been looking back also! So that means that you want to make a prank phone call!

Heather - Ha! That's absurd! Why would I want to make a prank phone call? There's nothing about that in the manual!

Tracey - There's nothing in the manual! That's the stupidist book I've ever seen and you wasted your money on it! There I said it!

Heather - Uh! Well fine! Be that way! You just get out!

Tracey - All right I will. I have to use the phone to call my mother.

(she rushes over to the phone)

Heather - Oh no you don't!

(she rushes behind her and jumps on her right as she picks up the phone; thew two struggel for a few seconds trying to gain control of the phone when Zach walks in; they freeze in the middle of a very odd position; he bends down and picks up the raincoat he picked up earlier)

Zach - I just came back for my coat.

Heather - Zach, we were just......

Zach - You know what, I don't want to know. Except for maybe you Tracey. You know, you can tell me anything.

(he winks at her and walks out; as he closes the door, Heather and Tracey collapse onto the floor)

Heather - Tracey! Look at us! We're acting like animals!This is stupid. Let's just forget about the whole thing. Agreed?

Tracey - Agreed.

Heather - All right maybe one call, but that's all.

(she runshes over to the phone and opens up the phone book)

Tracey - Heather! I thought we agreed!

Heather - Oh, one little call won't hurt.

Tracey - I don't know Heather. It all seems sort of...... (gulp) dangerous.

Heather - Dangerous? Come on! Tracey, it's just a phone. It wont bite you. Now lets see here, who to call, who to call?

Tracey - But Heather! What if we get caught?

Heather - We wont get caught Tracey. We'll just say we had the wrong number and hang up. No harm done. I'll even let you dial.

Tracey - Well...... I don't know.

Heather - Come on. Just this once. What do you say?

(Tracey stares blankly at the wall for a few seconds)


Tracey - (breaking her trance) Shh! I'm thinking.

(she goes back into a dream like state then suddenly jumps back to life)

All right!

Heather - Yay! Now who are we gonna call?

Tracey - I don't know. How about your mother?

Heather - No Tracey. You see, the point is to call someone you don't know. That way they wont know who you are and call the police.

Tracey - Oh, I see.


How about my mother?

Heather - Actually Tracey, maybe you better let me take this first one.

Tracey - All right.

Heather - Oh here's a good name. Charels De La Rue.

Tracey - Charels De La Rue. Sounds French.

Heather - it does sound French. Wouldn't it be funny if he didn't speak English?

Tracey - Hillarious!

(the two laugh)

Heather - I'm should call him!

Tracey - Youu should! Do it!

Heather - I will!

(another girly laugh; Heather dials the number; we hear it ringing)

It's ringing!

French Man's Voice - Yes?

Heather - (in between laughter) Hi. Is this Charels De La Rue?

Man - Yes.

(for a few seconds the two girls sit there in silence; then all of a sudden, they hang up and burst out laughing, the loudest yet)

Heather - Oh my gosh! That was amazing!

Tracey - I know! I felt the rush of adrenaline! The burst of energy! For a minute i even wanted to get down on the ground and cackle cackle caugh like an idiot!

Heather - I know! You want to go again?

Tracey - Oh but Heather, you said just that one.

Heather - i know, but two is such a nice even number.

Tracey - True. All right. Can I do it this time?

Heather - Why not?

(Tracey dials)

Chinese Woman - Hello? Great Wall Noodle Shop. How may I help you?

Tracey - Are you from China?

Woman - Oh yes! Yes I am! You want place order?

Tracey - Are you from China?

Woman - Who is this?

Tracey - Um, hold on for a minute. Heather! She asked me for my name! What do I say?

Heather - I don't know. Make something up.

Tracey - Good idea.

(she clears her throat)

(imitating the man) This is Charels. Charels De La Rue, and I am from France.

Woman - Oh! I am from China!

Tracey - Is your refigerator running?

Woman - Hold on. I go check. Hey Chinga! Wo bu shui chong li shu hun ma ne etc. etc.!!!!!! Oh yes! Yes it is! Why you asking?

Tracey - Well, you better go catch it!

(once again she and Heather burst out laughing)

Woman - Uh! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Chinga! Quickly! The refrigerator is running away again!

High Pitched Chinese Voice - Oh! Wu ha tong ching pa bei ma jong etc. etc! Come on everybody!

Random Chinese Voices - Oh! Wu ya hun jou xing qing mae fa gongjou etc. etc!

(Tracey hangs up as the two girls continue laughing ferociously)

Tracey - I could do this all night!

Heather - You want to?

Tracey - Okay!

Heather And Tracey - Yay!

Heather - All right. My turn.

Tracey - OO! You know what would be really funny?

Heather - No. What?

Tracey - If you called someone and asked for someone who has a really weird name, one that nobody could possibly have! Like...... like...... Umbiniqua! Or Jethero! Or...... or...... uh!



Heather - Bethellany! I love it! Hold on. Let me look up a number.

Tracey - OO! OO! OO! You know what would make it even better? Dial a completely random number that you make up on the spot!

Heather - Oh Tracey, you're a genius!

Tracey - Yes. I know.

(Heather dials)

Ramona's Voice - (frail and frightened) Hello?

Heather - Hello? Is Bethellany there?

Ramona's Voice - Fiona? Is that you? Oh thank God! No. She's not here yet. Fiona, where is she?

(Heather hangs up)

Ramona's Voice - (as if in her home) Simon! Girls! Come quickly! They've found Bethellany! Hello? Hello? Oh dear. Oh dear.

Tracey - Heather? What happened? Why did you hang up?

Heather - I think I actually called somebody named Bethellany, or at least, somebody who knew somebody name Bethellany.

Tracey - Well, what did they say?
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