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This is a call for submissions to the Tokyo Poetry Journal

Tokyo Poetry Journal (ToPoJo) is proud to announce that in February 2022, we will be publishing an edition that will focus on black writers and artists. The working title is ToPoJo: Black Diaspora Edition

ToPoJo is a biannual publication of poetry, prose, art, reviews, and criticism. Since 2015, we have worked to bring the best writers and artists to, through, and from Tokyo.

We are currently accepting submissions of poetry, short fiction, essay, commentary, and visual art (photography, painting, and illustrations) for the ToPoJo Black Diaspora edition. All submissions will be equally and fairly evaluated for craftsmanship, originality, artistry, and impact. We are terribly sorry but no special favors will be given based on your relationship with ToPoJo or its staff. Each submission will be evaluated solely on the strength of the work.

Please note that, with the exception of invited guests, our priority is to publish works by those who have some connection to Tokyo/Japan.

Email submissions are preferred. Please send your manuscript or artwork to [email protected]

Submissions will not be returned. If you send your submission by snail mail be sure to send a copy. Please allow time for response. We are poets, and we are also volunteers.

The rights to all works chosen for publication will belong solely to their respective creators and will be published in ToPoJo with permission from the author or creator.

Submissions guidelines:

The submission deadline is August 1, 2021

• Microsoft word document

• Arial or Times New Roman font, 12pt for prose, poetry will be published in the original format

Up to 5 A4 pages of poetry, 7 A4 pages of prose, or 5 images

• Also include a biography (200 words max)
• B/W images preferred but will accept color submissions
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