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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - The Abstract Quill (1 Viewer)


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The Abstract Quill is now open and accepting fiction/short stories, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork submissions for the June publication. I have been a long time member of WF and am so proud to be able to premiere this publication among this writing community. Please stop by our new digs at The Abstract Quill to see what we're about and to check out our submission guidelines.

See you on the pages, people!


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Hi there Raging_Hopeful,

Congratulations on a great website, wishing you a fabulously exciting and successful future.

Are you in a position to outline publication and circulation plans? i.e.

[please don’t copy this verbatim unless you’d like to give us a good laugh at your expense]:

1. Publications will be in printed softback form.
2. We are currently contracted to supply three leading booksellers with monthly editions, plus an annual edition showcasing the best of the monthly publications. Oh yes, you will be pleased to know that we are negotiating with another seven worldwide book distributors and our projected monthly sales target for 2012 is in excess of 120 000 books."
3. Our initial target market is the city-bred and well-read young professional, sometimes refered to as a "yuppie".

Quote, "For annual print editions we offer two contributor copies as well as the fame and glory that go with being able to add an additional publishing credit to your resume." Does this mean each contributor who is selected for the "annual edition", will receive two free copies?

Thanks in advance for your kind attention,



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Thank you for the comments -- seems I need to clarify some points on the website so I will do so as soon as possible.

In the meantime... :)

As it stands currently, authors appearing in the print edition will receive two copies of the print edition. The electronic issues are for publishing credit only though we are currently discussing payment possibilities for the future. The print edition may consist of previously published and new authors -- this point is still being discussed among the editors and may evolve as time goes on. We don't anticipate a print issue until next year, giving us time to establish ourselves and our readership.

Please don't hesitate if you have other questions and thanks for the feedback.