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By your side (1 Viewer)


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Just three more days until I can have you
I cant see the light, all darkness, sleeping eternally
Continuously till I have you
By my side

Abeyance without your voice
You keep me viable, bursting with your colors
Surrender to you with this atmosphere we’ve created
By your side I will give in this phenomenon

Just two more days until I can have you
Hardly breathing, shockwaves up my spin
I’m not breathing eternity
Nothing wakes me up, the seconds pass so slowly

Bring your key and unlock my soul hiding in the deepest cauldron darling
Just give into this dream, let it take over you
Intoxicating; mixing our scent, you and me
Give into ecstasy

I’m yours, take me up and move with me, make me real
I count the hours till we can sing our song
Please wait, I’m not thinking straight
Love just carry me away, let me breathe in your smoke
So I can feel this high

Just twenty four more hours, but I’m not waking up
Come darling, move my arms, move your body with mines
Teach me to feel again, make me feel real
In slow motion lose control, Anticipation rising
I won’t be alive till I am by your side