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...but I'll still finish it (1 Viewer)



I like my story and, due to nano, I have a good start on it. I completely plan to finish it up.

Anyone else?


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Yeah... I was going to churn out some major text during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but then I rediscovered my favorite game series of all time and discovered the secret to becoming god. So I've been pretty tied up with that (also got News Radio on DVD and have been watching that).


I definitely plan on finishing mine as well. I got in 57k+ and am probably about half way through on the actual story, so I have a solid start with a good idea of the conclusion. There is no way I'm not going to finish it now. Although, it will need a major edit--I left in every extra, unnecssary wod that would come out onto the screen, so there are plenty of that's that need to go. ;-)