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I started my writing "career" of sorts at 5, banking hours at my writing desk and later word processor as I pumped out story after story. By the time I hit 8, I had 15 starters to future novels ranging from 4 to 50 pages. My parents dutifully edited my work and passed on every classic piece of literature that they could find as I devoured them whole.

By the time I was 15, I'd been published 4 times (ok, so it was a children's yearly anthology where I did not get paid- it is still impressive to me). Yet sometime around then, I fizzled out. I would sit in front of my computer and cry because nothing would come out and staring at a blank screen did nothing to aid the situation.

I have given up writing almost all together for the past 4 years, but the monster within wants to break loose and create, yet the opposing monster- writer's block- is standing in the way.

One of the things that I tell myself when I need to give myself an excuse as to why I can't get anything out is that I just need more experience. What a horrible excuse that is (though so many are guilty of it!).

I want to write more than anything. Character and place driven pieces are my goal, and I can easily use my own passions (Latin America, activism, politics, anthropology) as vehicles for this. But "easily" is such a tricky word. For the past few weeks, rather than stare at the screen, I either write at length about writer's block through the eyes of my character, or I write character sketches. For now, I'm waiting for a plot inspiration to knock me off my feet.

This was probably way too much information. Hi, I'm Allie.


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Hello there and welcome to the forum, Allie. :)

I hope to be reading some of your work soon.


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Hello to you, Allie, and welcome to the forum. Let's hope you can find back your urge to write!



hello allie, welcome to the forum:]
you know i think u can so work with what you got maybe u can make quite a character of this girl with writers block, let her venture into some of your life's past stories=]


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Hi Allie and welcome! Try scouring the prompt areas of the forums, some of those prompts have helped me break out of my own writing blocks. The Literary Maneuvers are usually interesting, as a place to begin. :)

Good luck!