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Budding Novelist Here (1 Viewer)

I'm 23 , from the UK and I am desperate to get my writing in the form of a novel. I have an office job that is a good career but I want to write for a living. I don't mind if I don't make a penny from writing just so long as I can walk into a book shop and pick up my own book.

I have it online so you can read it as you wish. I have written the whole thing and I am putting chapters up as I proof them.


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I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the writing forums and i hope you enjoy your stay :thumbl:

We both have the same dreams dave ;)

I would suggest not posting the book online, just a little teaser
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Hello to you, Dave, and welcome to the forum. Finding your own novel in a bookshop is the dream of everyone here, I suppose. But I can tell you that it is very hard to write for a living! Most of us need to have another, full time job to pay for our living. Even some bestselling authors still work part-time...



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Welcome. Do not put the entire work on line, as that is considered publishing it. Sample pages, or teasers is fine, but if it is all online, then why would a publisher want to publish it (since it is already free)?
Thanks for the advice Nickie and Flash.

As you can already see I am naive to the publishing world. How much would you consider putting online to 'tease' people? Bear it mind its a 40 chapter book.