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The Boss

Bruce Springsteen was born September 23, 1949 in Freehold, New Jersey. His mother, Adele was a secretary and his father; Douglas was a bus driver who disapproved of his music yet attended his concerts. Bruce Springsteen saw Elvis in a show and was inspired to teach himself to play guitar at 13. Bruce graduated high school but dropped out of Ocean County Community College to advance his love of music.
In his love of music, the bands he worked with were Steel Mill, Doctor Zoom, Sonic Boom, Bruce Springsteen Band, and later the most Famous E Street Band. The E Street Band was named after E Street in Bellmawr New Jersey where the old rehearsal studio was. His bands mostly played at the Jersey Shore in Asbury Park. He became known as ‘The Jimmy Hendrix of the Jersey Shore’.
Some of his band mates included keyboardists Danny Federici and Roy Bittan, lead guitarist Steve Van Zandt, bassist Barry Tallent, saxophonist Clarence Clements and later joined by drummer Max Weinberg. Max Weinberg is known for the Conan O’Brien show.
In 1972 Bruce signed a management contract with Laurel Canyon Productions with Mike Apple and Jim Cretecos. Laurel owned the rights to all his songs. Apple arranged an audition with John Hammond of Columbia Records. Hammond liked what he heard so Columbia signed Bruce for ten albums.
Bruce’s first album was called ‘Greetings from Asbury Park New Jersey’. Columbia Records named Bruce Springsteen the ‘New Bob Dylan’. Even though the sales were low, the critics noted Bruce Springsteen’s talent. A half-year later they toured with Chicago. They next toured with Bonnie Rait. These tours grabbed the attention of concertgoers and created a larger fan base.
Critic John Landau stated “I have seen the future of Rock and Roll and its name is Bruce Springsteen.” Columbia Records wittingly printed Landau’s statement on the second album cover, ‘The Wild, The Innocent, And The E Street Shuffle’. This album opened to better critic acclaim but lower sales. After a time, sales improved.
Landau co-produced the third album. This masterpiece was named ‘Born To Run’. In the first month it rocketed to number three on the billboard charts and went multi-platinum. The effect of that was Bruce Springsteen’s picture concurrently appearing in Time and Newsweek magazines. Bruce Springsteen was then labeled the ‘Savior Of Rock And Roll’.
Mike Apple became jealous of Landau’s influence on Bruce Springsteen. Bruce sued Apple for fraud, undue influence, and breech of trust. Apple counter sued trying to bar Springsteen from working with Landau. This prevented Bruce from producing any music for two years.
The ‘Savior Of Rock And Roll’ was given rights to his own songs and the contract with Columbia was upgraded. Apple received an undisclosed settlement amount. In 1977 Landau took over management of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
Bruce’s music became successful for other artists as well. ‘Blinded By The Light’ was a hit for Manfred Mann. The song ‘Fire’ was a hit single for Robert Gorden and even bigger hit for The Pointer Sisters.
The fourth album was called ‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town’ released in 1978. Critics praised him for his dynamic work that felt as if he was talking directly to the working man. ‘The River’ was released in 1980 as the fifth album. It went number 1 on the billboard chart and Bruce had his first top ten hit with ‘Hungry Heart’ at number five. Bruce and the E Street Band went on to perform a sold out US and European tour consisting of three hour concerts. The sixth album, ‘Nebraska’, was released in 1982. The entire album was made of acoustical music. The critics felt it was too folksy but it went to number three on the album charts.
The seventh album, ‘Born In The USA’ was released in 1984. This album was a phenomenal success noted for its simple lyrics and its pounding music. Reagan mistakenly identified with the song ‘Born In The USA’ thinking it was a song of patriotism. It is actually about a Vietnam vet feeling misused by his country.
Many of Springsteen’s merchandise sales went to benefit certain charities involved in labor, environmental and civil rights. He toured with fellow musician Sting to benefit Amnesty International.
In 1984 Springsteen made major band changes that would effect his personal life as well as professional life. Among those changes was the hiring of a background singer named Patti Scialfa. His eighth album, ‘Live 1975-1985’, was a 40-track live album package including many concerts from 1975 to 1985. This album debuted in 1986 at number 1 on the billboard charts. Later in 1986 Bruce met and married Oregon model Juliann Phillips. The marriage only lasted three years.
The ninth album was released in 1987 named ‘Tunnel Of Love’. The songs related to his personal life and the growing attraction between him and Patti Scialfa. In 1989 Phillips and Springsteen divorced. In 1991 Bruce and Patti Scialfa married.
Bruce made a serious professional change in 1988 when he broke from The E Street Band. In 1992 Springsteen released two albums, ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Lucky Town’. ‘Human Touch’ went to number 2 and ‘Lucky Town’ to number 3. Both albums only went platinum; previous releases had gone multi-platinum.
For the first time in fifteen years, the live concerts started lagging. In 1993 Bruce wrote and recorded ‘Streets Of Philadelphia’ for the movie Philadelphia which starred Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. This song was produced by Jonathan Demi and was made a hit single, was awarded an academy award, and was granted 4 Grammy awards. It was noted song of the year, best rock song, and best rock vocal performance.
In 1995, Bruce released his twelfth album, named Greatest Hits. Also in 1995, Springsteen was awarded a Grammy for his thirteenth album, ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’. In 1996, Bruce accomplished his first acoustic tour. The box set ‘Tracks’ became the fourteenth album in 1998.
Bruce Springsteen became known as ‘The Boss’ after his world tour re-uniting him with The E Street Band. This tour started in Barcelona and went two months in Europe, then toured the US. It became the second highest moneymaking tour with $53 million in the US and $100 million worldwide. On March 15, 1999, the ‘Jimmy Hendrix Of The Jersey Shore’, the ‘Savior Of Rock And Roll’, the ‘New Bob Dylan’, ‘The Boss’, was inducted into the hall of fame. The next three albums, ’18 Tracks’, ‘Greatest Hits’, and ‘MTV Plugged’, were all released in 1999.
Springsteen lives with wife, Patti and three children, Evan, Jessica and Sam, in LA and New Jersey.
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