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Bringing Down the Hope: Condi, Black Capitalism and War (1 Viewer)

Max SG

Senior Member
Bringing Down the Hope: Condoleezza Rice, Black Capitalism and War
By Max Gordon
December 13, 2004

Having grown up in Birmingham, Alabama as the daughter of a Presbyterian pastor, it is easy to image that Condoleezza Rice kicked the underside of a church pew with patent-leather shoes, that she was shushed during a lengthy service with a peppermint from her mother’s purse; or worse, an arched eyebrow silenced her and a girlfriend’s giggles with the promise of a beating after church. Mrs. Rice may have stayed up late ironing Condoleezza’s Sunday dress or pressing her hair by the stove, finally styling it with red ribbons the next morning. Pastor Rice might have carefully mouthed the words from the front pew as Condi remembered all her lines in the Christmas pageant. As a young girl growing up in Birmingham, it is likely that Condoleezza Rice, at least once in her life, hesitated before two drinking fountains; finally approaching the one with the sign marked "Colored Only".

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