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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick & brief introduction 'Hell' here - looking forward to establishing new contacts and contributing to the forum in a positive manner.

We are a small group of former Journalists & Freelance Writers who have formed a creative team to provide ethical content solutions for Businesses and Individuals who have a need to update and increase their visibility online.

Our website will be active in a couple of days so feel free to say Hi either here ... or there.


Roger H
Hi Roger!

Roger is a really cool name, by the way. I, actually, have never met anyone named Roger before! Well, technically, I haven't met you, but I don't think that I have encountered a Roger before! So, yeah, hi.

I'm going to assume you're a journalist! That seems really fun! I hope you win a Pulitzer some day! My English teacher in seventh grade was a journalist prior to teaching English.

I'm Simran. :D


Senior Member
Hi, erm, Content. Welcome. So is your creative team a free service to help others, or do I have hold of the wrong end of the stick?