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I dropped out of highschool and traveled a bit, hitchhiking up and down the west coast with friends in the 90's. Had some pretty wild and wonderful experiences. I settled down to juggle jobs and city college before starting my own business in web design and programming over twenty years ago. I was married for about ten years, did all the grown-up things (except having kids) then divorced. I delved into product manufacturing and bad relationships for another decade after that, lost an arm and a leg (not literally) and am currently learning how to do life over again.

I think I write in order to not drown in the endless stream of thoughts floating through my head. I write to try to get a handle on what I'm thinking or experiencing and to expand, refine, question and explore ideas. I'm hoping to learn to distill and improve my writing for consumption while also gaining some confidence through sharing. Also, I passed the "I am human" checkbox test to get here! Yay! Thank you for the forum!