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'Bridge' August 2021 Winner's Thread (1 Viewer)


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Winners Podium of the August Poetry Challenge

I welcome you all back again into the winner’s circle. I'm pleased that we had another decent turnout by our WF poets. I was happy to see some new faces. Each poem walked us briskly along the bridge of poetic innovation. Although I wished for a more robust turnout you can't always get what you want. Let us also remember that poetry is subjective, so no poet should feel slighted or upset about their placement.

I want to thank Jenthepen for her prompt “Bridge”. It presented a nice challenge.

Although in my book you're all winners, entering one's poetry on an open forum to be judged by the ballot can be daunting for some. I applaud you all. But a winner was chosen and I'm sure all of you will cross ‘Poets Bridge’ and embrace the gifted poet who received the most votes. She has delighted us over the years with many quality poems.

Apple will receive the 'Laureate' and will pick the prompt for the September Challenge. Please message me that a.s.a.p. I’m sure your prompt will be an interesting one.

Apple’s poem for me is about severing the ties of childhood, cutting the strings of innocence and entering the dark days of adulthood. It a biting kick to it- It made my eyes pop…

I thank all the poets who entered this challenge. Good poems by all, Bravo and Brava to you all ..

Let’s get ready for our September Challenge- I’d like to see a robust turnout…


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Really though, thank you all for the votes and appreciation for my poem. It truly means a lot to me. The writers on our forum are extraordinary. Vulnerable, fun, sage, sweet, ornery and accomplished. Thank you all for the pleasure of mingling around with you in this poets pot. Love and hugs, Sondra (apple)
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Congratulations apple. Your poem shone bright withiin a collection of diamonds! Everyone really pulled out their best work this month and the standard of all the entries was superb. To come out the winner is a super achievement and well deserved. Very well done.


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Dear Apple, sorry I am late to your party, please forgive me ;) congratulations on your stunning poem, you write such gentle, quiet poetry, made powerful through your unique voice and style... fabulous work!!!