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Breaking Monday (1 Viewer)


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Breaking Monday

It is a most hated day

with its melancholy mood
week on repeat

utterly hated
oft muttered o'er
it still comes 'round

there is no way out

or is there...

is it possible
that little whisp
a hint of doubt

there in the grocery line
in a smile
of absolute charm
that baby in the arms

pure joy
innocence alight

that calls a smile back

catch a glimpse
and maybe then
some can see

as that child sees...

wonders uncounted
colours to delight
impossible things
jumbles of questions
heaped left 'n right

look carefully
the mundane
those drab
Monday rotes

step away

let that baby teach you

how to see
how to reach
how to break Monday

into something more...
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A lesson on what is poetry-- Your mundane Monday is far from being mundane- You made diamonds out of coal which goes to show that even uninspired poetry can inspire --- a soft wonderful piece- I love this side of your poetry, it's delicate and refined.



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The thing about the pieces like this, is they are the work of an instant. No prep, no planning just three pilfered minutes, wifi, and some small thing, usually that thing is something that has ruffled the feathers of the day. Usually something that while wholly innocuous in and of itself, but it still nags.
If that makes any sense...

It is like a talisman in a pocket or a rubberband unconsciously toyed with. A thing you keep thinking about, but cannot really verbalise because A) others don't want to hear about it, B) don't care enough to lend an ear or C) you recognise the need to express the tangle of ideas in a constructive way but know that talking is not the most effective medium for lending a logical construct.

You find two words that do not belong together, but they are together, and damn, if that glass rabbit isn't waiting there beside the idea for you to follow. Breaking free of the mundane...breaking Monday.

I know that this type of thought process is not normal, when written down, it appears mildly delusional...who sees glass rabbits at the grocery store, heck, why a glass rabbit at all. 8-[

- D.
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I followed that glass rabbit trail, easily. :) Having had the experience of standing in line behind an innocent baby and feeling that smile break through the shield of doom we all build around ourselves, sometimes. It really is lovely.


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It produces exciting results when you follow your feeelings and intuitive insights. I'm enjoying exploring this new path that your poetry is taking.

I agree with jen.... it is magical to read your work, you, of all poets, show the magic in the mundane...