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Breaking laws that none should bend. (1 Viewer)

THE LIE DE' JOUR. (Brought to you by Whoodoo Inc.)
"Think happy thoughts"
About a year and three months into this slow, but certain removal of the merchants, and their businesses from Tiger's shopping center in west Oxnard, the remaining merchants are heard by Tiger's owners/agents to be grumbleing. Worse, they were doing so in the presence of each other. Tiger needs them to quit thinking about the dismal reality of their businesses fast approaching financial ruin, in the not too distant future. They might put two, and two together, or hire a lawfirm that might. How can Tiger get these "already dead, they just don't know it yet" group of holdouts to think; "happy thoughts" as their businesses are led to slaughter?
No problem at all, if you have mastered the dark art of crafting whatever lie that you might need, then inserting it in to the psyche of the targeted people, as being something that they will think is wonderful and rock solid true. Planted in their minds, in just the right way. At just the right time. The owners of Tiger, or one of their stratagists is very good at such things. People that master this dark art can bring about whatever outcome that they desire. Until they are caught at it and known by all for what they are, by what they've done.
"The Lie Dejour ." Brought to you by; Whodoo Inc.
With the remnants of the merchants that had businesses at this shopping center getting closer to forming a united, vocal, party that had valid legal issues that they could explore through litigation, of being lied to by Tigers agents, as to what the owners intentions were. The; "DREAM BIGGER THAN YOU EVER HAVE" whodoo was put on these merchants, in this manner.
One day, in late 2000, to early 2001, the agent for Tiger's owners stops by each of the remaining merchants to have a; "hush, hush, don't tell a soul, hold onto your socks" kind of conversation with each and every one of them. Like each one was the only merchant out of those remaining that was getting this; "You swear you won't tell a soul" inside information that is whispered into the poor guys ear, with periodic pauses to look all around for anyone that might be lurking nearby to over hear such a magical conversation.
He tells the guy how he had wanted to tell him what had been secretly; "in the works" for months. Something that was now nearing fruition. Pulling an envelope from his briefcase, that he shows
is from the Vons Corp.'s corporate headquaters, and is adressed to Tiger Real Estate Fund LP. After the merchant has absorbed this, a letter is extracted, the agent opens it to reveal the top, and only the top part of the letter. Telling the guy that he shouldn't even be showing him this much, but he "knows" how hard it has been for this merchant. Not knowing why everything has been turned upside down. Not getting the answers that he deserved. But; "this should take the sting out of all that." Tiger's agent says, as he lets the merchant see the Vons Corporation corporate letter head. With something like; "Office of Site Aquisitions" under the corporate logo. (It should have read; "Cubicle of con artist's flim flams.")
He is also allowed to see the first line of the letter. "This is in regards to your most recent correspondence; re: The Vons Corporation's plan to build a Super store on Tiger Real Estate Fund LP land in Oxnard Calif.,
Well, no. Not really. But damn! If they did, and they left the side businesses, which is a part of the whispered wishful thinking that Tiger's agent is assuring him is so. Why, that would be the; "win the lottery" best case scenario, that this merchant could ever imagine being true for him, and his business.
And imagine he does. Puffing on the heady opiate of his business being annexed to such a huge, beautiful cash magnet. An anchor that he could lash his business to that no financial storm could ever cast him adrift from again.
Can't he see now that the secrecy that surrounds such negotiations must be complete till the deal is finalized?
"It is finalized?" asks the merchant.
"Not quite, but soon." Says the agent.
***What the property agent neglects to mention is this;
Hence the re; preceding the subject OF TIGER'S LETTER TO VONS. THAT VONS WAS RESPONDING TO!
As someone in managment of Vons Corporation locally told me when I asked; "What ever happened to that plan the Vons Corp. had to build a super store at the shopping center at Hemlock and Victoria?" He laughed, and said that there never was a plan, and this was just some fancy footwork by Tiger's owners, to; "razzle dazzle" the merchants. Going on to say;
"They never even danced, let alone kissed." (said in reference to the fact that there never was a negotiation between Tiger and Vons, beyond Tiger's letter, and Von's response.)
He stated that the only reason that it became common knowledge with in the local managment of Vons, is because; towards the fall of 2001, there was a series of queries by merchants, and former merchants at Tiger's property, about the status of these "negotiations". Some former merchants, that were driven off at lease renewal, still clung to this pipe dream proffered by Tiger, and were asking how to sign up with Vons Corp. to lease store front when it was available.
Then the property agent for Tiger really slathers it on, with a little bubble of plausible, yet not factual information. Something that would make sense, if taken in conjunction with the other information, "IF" the other information was true. Unfortunately for this, and every other merchant, it wasn't.
Tiger's agent tells him; "The Vons Corporate Officers have determined that the section of the shopping center that has the huge covered wooden deck and the ship anchor chain railings adds a "nautical charm" that is worth keeping." This is the section of the shopping center where this merchant, and almost all the merchants remaining have their store fronts. After hearing this, seeing the senders address, and Tiger's adress as the recipient. Then that Vons Corporate letter head. Plus that first line of that letter; re: Vons Corp. plans to build a Vons Super Store on Tiger's property in Oxnard Calif.
Keeping the deck, and anchor chain, yes! That would make sense.
This poor guy is now puffing away big time on this dream smoke. So the property agent tosses another big chunk in the bowl, and lights it up with these last few words;
"There plan is to bring down the old grocery store, and the few empty store fronts to its side, but they're going to leave the other half as is. With upgrades to roof, plumbing, electrical of course!"
Says the agent. Then closes with a hard look to the eyes, as he reminds this guy to "tell no one" This is the most "delicate stage."
It is that all right. The most delicate stage of the lie, where you find
out if the individual you are attempting to decieve has taken the bait,
"hook, line, and sinker."
He did. They all did. They were at the end of their financial rope, and were being thrown a line. Unfortunately, there was a big ass hook on it, and the sinker was huge. It took them all the way to the bottom. Many thinking right up to the end that if they could just; "hold on" till this deal was finalized, surely before my lease runs out, everything was going to be OK.
Tiger got exactly what they wanted. Which was each merchant now advising caution, and patience in there dealings with the owners. The united stand was destroyed before it even took one collective step against the owners. What Tiger did was brilliant. In an evil way.
Tiger's last big hurdle was exactly how to deal with Albertsons Grocery Store. This was a major Corporation, and when their lease was still approx. 11 months away from expiring, Albertsons management began to; "seal the deal" on renewing their lease. After all, this was west Oxnard. Excellant traffic flow. Upper income demographics.
NEXT: Chapter Three:
"Let's see you sweeten this deal!"


Senior Member
Hi, I'm definitely interested in reading more, because the subject matter is quite interesting.

Thank you eleda, I appreciate your comments. As you can already tell, this subject hits pretty close to home for me. As it continues, you will learn how close.
I have been in a four year plus running battle with Tiger Real Estate Fund's owners and agents; the Oxnard Police Depart.; Ventura County Superior Court personel; The Environmental Protection Agency; F.B.I.; and various other agencies and individuals that have popped out of the wood work to blindside me at critical moments, when progress was being made.
I hope that you continue to find my truthful narrative compelling. For if you do, then others might as well. Which could eventually lead to this matter being investigated in the light of day, and with the rule of law being the framework for a just resolution. That is all that I want.
As I get into the court's shennannigans, I will be adding the court's own case hearing docket entries that are unambiguous in nature, and clearly show that judges; prosecutors; and even court appointed advocates lined up in opposition to what was true, and the rule of law being applied to this matter.
Hold on. It is a long hard ride from beginning to end, without any civil liberties protections, or even one fleeting glimpse of Justice off in the distance.