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Boy, do I have a list to keep you busy. (1 Viewer)


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I just finished six books in one week. Here they are.
The Lightning Theif
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
The MIssing Link\
Only Human      - Kate Thompson
Orgins               /
Maximum Ride :The Angel Experiment.

OK, the LIghtning theif is a great new book. It's about this kid, Percy (Perseus) Jackson. As it turns out he's a son of a greek god! I won 't say which one though. He has to go on an adventure, and it's a great read.

Artemis Fowl: The Opal deception is a great addition (or finale) to the Artemis Fowl series. Those of you who have read the books should know what the gist should be, and those who haven't, should.

The Missing Link, Only Human, and Orgins are a series in which for some strange reason, some animals can talk. Christie and his step-brother Danny must go to Scotland to find out why.

Maximum Ride is a great story about bunch of kids who have been genetically altered and have wings on their backs. One of them is kindapped, and the rest must save her, but that's only the beginning.