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Books you would love to see made into a movie (1 Viewer)


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Well it's true that movies are never as good as the books, but which books would you love to see hit the big screen ?

Personally, i would love to see the saga of darren shan made into a movie. 5 years ago warner brothers bought the rights to a movie then returned the rights, darren then sold the rights to universal studios so there is still hope yet.

EDIT : Im sorry, i thought i was in the lounge, i posted in the wrong section


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The Water Babies
Peter Pan (well done this time, and don't let Disney or Robin Williams anywhere near it.)
Through the Looking Glass (ditto the no Disney thing)
Snow Crash
The Neuromancer (but don't modernize it, keep it 80's tech)
From the Earth to the Moon (ditto on the no modernization. Make it just like the Smashing Pumpkins video for Tonight Tonight)
Swanns Way (just kidding, that would be impossible)

Coiled Flame

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Well... lets see.
Eragon series (done properly, the one that came out last year was a piece of shit)
Hungry City Chronicles
The Dresden Files


* Continue the Dune saga as mini-series with God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune etc. Also includes House Atreides, House Harkonnen, The Butlerian Jihad etc by Brian Herbert and that Kevin guy.

* Star Wars Episode 7-9: Not official books, perhaps, but we deserve it after the misrable crap they called Episode 1-3. And that's a fact.

* Shaman Woods, by Morgan Fields: Let's just say it ends with an army of cowboy ghost fighting an army of indian ghost in a dark forest with a scared family trapped in their house in the middle of the battlefield. It's just awesome.

* Stephen King's The Shining: Third's a charm, eh? Let's hope so.

* Stephen King's IT: The original movie is pretty much perfect, but the special effect are starting to age a bit. Besides, with a running time of three hours, they could remake it and cut it down to just two hours. It would make more people love IT, King's best novel of all time. Even The Shining doesn't come close to this epic.

* Anything from Dragonlance. I know, we're getting the Chronicles as animated movies, but there's around two hundred books in total by now and more keep coming. Make a LotR style live-action movie based on Dragonlance with even better special effects. Just please, please, please do not make a video-game tie-in! :lol:


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I can't speak for everybody but i personally think that remakes ruin movies. Some movies are legendary for a reason and i think that they should stay the way they are :-k


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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez I think would make a very good movie if there was a good cast and director involved.

Also I think Bluebeard (Kurt Vonnegut Jr) would be an awesome movie.


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I just finished reading 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by Phillipa Gregory and it would make a brilliant film. One of those fabulously extravagant period pieces, Scarlett Johansen could play Mary Boleyn, Kate Beckinsdale could play Anne, and Baz Luhrman could direct it. Any ideas who would make a good Henry the Eighth?
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Agreed, with one small caveat: Bad books should be made into films; it might improve them.
Wait, what? Eragon was STILL terrible.

I would love to see the Dark Tower series turned into movies, but I think that would be impossible.
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I know these are teen stories, but I'd like to see 'Tomorrow when the war began' series. Perhaps they would be better made into a mini series.

Also Dean Koontz 'Darkness comes'

Eli Cash

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Fossy's location got me thinking that I would gladly pay $8 (or is it more now? Did I just date myself?) to see a movie version of True History of the Kelly Gang.

But I'm a fan of Westerns, both written and filmed.


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A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby.
I thin that would made brilliant movie. Johnny Depp actually just bought the rights to it so it`s propbably gunna be good if it does turn into a movie.

Tom Wilkinson as Martin
Emma Thompson as Maureen
I dunno as JJ
I dunno as Jess

JJ and Jess are young so it`s a bit difficult to see what actors could play them since there are no good young actors.


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Don't know the book myself, but one young actor who I think is just beautiful and a superb actress, is Dakota Fanning. Would she fit the part?


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Alex Garland's "The Tesseract," or "The Coma."

David Mitchell's "Number9Dream."

Stephen King's "The Dark Tower," but done in five parts or perhaps a trilogy (because of the first and fifth book--not because they were bad, but because of the lack of "HOLLYWOOD BIG BUCK$!" scenes), oh, and Stephen King changing the fight scene with The Crimson King. You know, considering it sucked.

And...Junot Diaz's recent novel, "The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao." Oh MAN would that be funny, so long as they offered an omnipresent voice directing certain scenes, like they did in parts of "Forest Gump." Seriously, if you haven't read this last novel, you ain't fucking reading the good shit.

Anyhow, those are my picks.
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