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Books you love that no one has read (1 Viewer)



I always feel like there are a ton of books I LOVE that no one has read!

1. When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune by Lori Aurelia Williams
2. America by ER Frank
3. Sleeping Dogs by Sonya Hartnett
4. Jude by Kate Morgenroth
5. Zazoo by Richard Mosher

What are some that you would like to get the word out about?


Thanks Spudley, I absolutely have to read that. For obvious reasons. Fortunately for you, I'm about to dispatch an amazon.co.uk order. Methinks that'll be on it.


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1. Watch Your Mouth- Daniel Handler (same auther as the lemony snicket series. shh... it's a secret... )

2. I don't even remember the name of it now. Damn it. One I borrowed from the library that I decided to convienantly forget to return. OH! The Fagan. Or something.

3. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I don't care if it's a best seller, no one here seems to have read it. *cries*

4. Uh, De Profundis? I dunno, anyone else here read that?


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xmalloryx said:
3. Sleeping Dogs by Sonya Hartnett

I've seen that book, but I didn't read it because I don't like Sonya Hartnett very much (I have Thursday's Child and that put me right off).

Now for my list:

'Violet and Claire' - Francesca Lia Block
'The Power Of Stars' - Louise Lawrence (out of print)
'We Of Nagasaki' - Takashi Nagai (English translation from Japanese, out of print)
'Spare Parts' - Sally Rogers-Davidson
'And What About Anna?' - Jan Simoen (English translation from Dutch, I think)
'Mixed Doubles' - Joel Smith (out of print)
'Hospital' - Polly Toynbee (pretty sure this is out of print)


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The Little Friend - Donna Tartt
Till We Have Faces - C.S. Lewis
Hemingway's Chair - Michael Palin
To Kill a Mockingbird - some dude


Ive been looking foward to reading Cloud Atlas... I hope its good.

Nowegian Wood is good, but not my favorite Murakami.

My two cents are:

'The Intuitionist' by Colson Whitehead

'Automated Alice' by Jeff Noon


Rustem --What is your favorite Murakami book? I've been meaning to read one. :)


i had to read 'a wild sheep chase' for school this year and it was pretty good.