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Books with gay-theme... (1 Viewer)



I was wondering about books with-gay theme... Have you read some good book about for example... two girls in love, or something like that.
All love stories are so just like the others... I want someting unusuall...

I know Brookeback Montain was written by Annie Proulx... But I haven´t read it, the movie though was really interesting.


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How about the novels by Alan Hollinghurst. These are The Swimming Pool Library, The Folding Star, The Spell, and the Booker Prize winning The Line Of Beauty.

Brokeback Mountain is just a short story from the collection, Close Range.

Sabine, by the pseudonymous AP (Amanda Prantera), has a lesbian theme.

Or how about Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin. It features a love triangle about a man who abandons his girlfriend for another man.