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books not to be found... (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
you know.. i have been looking for the "Elric" series of books for a long time.

no libraries have them.. ive checked 6 and 2 school libraries. i cant not find these books anywhere..
i see them on amazon.com but, thats not good enough becasue my funds are $15 hehe

the author is michael moorcock

If anyone has other books that they just cant find or any authors that arent in any bookstore put it here :D

Olly Buckle

Years since I read Moorcock, my memory is that half his stuff is excellent and half is trash, almost like it's two different people writing it.


Senior Member
You can have a library order a book from any other library in the U.S. (and from other countries, I believe). It doesn't cost anything, either.