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Books for Adults about Kids (1 Viewer)


I'm just trying to see how other people are doing this. I am looking for books for adults about children, say in an age range of 6 to 13. I already have a pretty nice list, from The Way the Crow Flies to The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, but I'm looking for more. What I want specifically are stories told from the child's point of view but by an adult -- in the third person, say, or in the reminiscent style of To Kill a Mockingbird. What I'm not so much looking for is Ruth May's chapters of The Poisonwood Bible and Vardaman's bits of As I Lay Dying.

Autobiographies that dwell heavily on the author's childhood are great, too.

So far I've got this list:

The Way the Crow Flies
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
To Kill a Mockingbird
Angela's Ashes
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight
Never Let Me Go
The Book Thief
Lord of the Flies
The Diamond Age
A Prayer for Owen Meany
The Plot Against America
Oliver Twist (though Dickens' young characters irritate the hell out of me)
The Character of Rain (which I can't find anywhere)
Nowhere in Africa
The Saskiad

Thanks in advance for any good recommendations. I'm scouring Amazon right this moment, but it's a difficult thing to search for.


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The God of Small Things
The Client
Ender's Game
Running With the Demon
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

And I'm sure there's more...


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Battle Royale is the only book I can think of which hasn't been all ready named. Though I guess the kids are a little bit older then 13 years.


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If you are looking for something a little darker and sinister, but supposedly true, you may try Sibyl. It deals with a grown woman yes, but the Phychologist is dealing with the child.


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  • Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, Roddy Doyle
  • The God Boy, Ian Cross
  • Carry Me Down, M.J. Hyland
  • In The Country Of Men, Hisham Matar
  • Black Swan Green, David Mitchell