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books about theives??? (1 Viewer)



i didn't want to make another post. so i'm going to ask my question here.

does any one know of any books/stories that have a character or story with theives.

a main character that is a thief or a bad guy thief. or just a story line with thieves. ?????



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Well, it's Young Adult fantasy, but actually very well written with a deep look into the lives of thieves/spies: Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce. The main character's father is the Thief King, and she kinda takes after him. :D

EDIT: She also wrote the Circle of Magic, Circle Opens, and the Will of the Empress, which are all books with thecharacter named Briar, who is a former thief, included.
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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is a classic novel about an English orphan boy who runs away from an abusive orphanage and gets caught up with a gang of young thieves who are taken care of by a criminal named Fagan. It's excellent, although loooooong and written in old-fashioned language.


i'm looking for a more : LUPIN THE THIRD.

like a story about a master thief.


how about Les Miserables? Jean Valjean's entire search for redemption is based his past as a thief.


If you like fantasy books then Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson is definitely a good book about a whole group of master thieves.

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The Theif Lord by Cornelia Funke is pretty good (it's a kid's book). The James Bond books are kind of mastermind theif-eqsue at times...


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There is, of course, Raskolnikov in 'Crime and Punishment'. Perhaps the most important literary thief of all time.