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I had no idea what I was doing. I was asked to create a book trailer, but couldn't think of what would be viable. So, here I am, hoping to get some feedback on these two trailers I created for my novels. Please let me know what you think. :)



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Chilling! Both very strong. The quotes are wonderful and cut deep. If I was going to choose to read one first, I would probably choose the second one.

But Great job!!! Very impressive.


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You found good music to accompany the imagery and text, Tettsuo. And the stock footage being drained of colour goes well with them both.
I think the first one could be improved if you had a second or even actually third piece of footage to go with it, it seems to linger too long on that one shot and, as a result, your mind will begin to wonder how many lines of text will crop up before the trailer ends. Trailers are intentionally cutting, chopping, and changing to keep the viewer's attention. The more sombre mood of yours means you don't have to go to that extreme, but mixing it up just a tad could help.
A way to cheat might be to cut the footage and fade it out then back in when next text appears, so that it gives off the appearance of the camera having moved on further than it has and the background buildings looking slightly different. But that's me speculating because I don't know how much of that footage you have.

The text on the screen could do with "popping" more as well, for me. What I mean by that is, you hold the quotes still on the screen. It will be visually more appealing if you have them slowly (and I REALLY mean slowly) moving either towards or away from the camera.
A tiny touch of dark fuzz behind them or a shadow to the text will also make them not get lost with the visuals behind them. The visuals are for mood, but you want the eyes of the viewer firmly fixed on your text. With that same thought in mind, the camera moves quite fast along that street. Obviously you don't want it looking choppy with a slow frame-rate, but slowing it up just a touch will make it less distracting to the eye.

With the second video, you have the visual punch of the tank explosion. That's powerful. You do not want text over the screen when that happens, because of it distracting so heavily against the text. Let it stand on its own. Have it fade out just before, then have it resume afterward. Then both text and footage have their moment to make their impacts.

I hope some of those suggestions help, Tettsuo, because you've definitely got the atmosphere nailed down.
(If you wonder where my suggestions come from, feel free to check my youtube channel from my website)
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I liked the second one but the imagery of modern warfare and the book cover seemed to be two different time periods.
Also, I think you could add voice over to both of them. I did it on one of my books and got a lot of likes, and all of it was under a minute.
We have to be so much more than novelists now. I wonder what Hemmingway would say if you ask hom to create a trailer.
Anyway, if you want a link to my trailer, message me. Good luck with your project.


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Tettsuo, wondering if you would be kind enough to share how you produced these trailers. Did you hire a professional or is there some software or applications to do it yourself?

Again, very impressed!

Many thanks,


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Well, I don't know what Tettsuo used, but most folks tend to use video editing programs like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier and/or Adobe After Effects (although those last two are the most insanely expensive of all). If you google video editing software you can usually find one in any price range.

From the looks of it, he went to a stock video website and bought 2-3 clips as footage to use as the backgrounds. There's plenty of copyright-free music out there, but that too could easily have been bought from a stock music website (googling the terms will automatically come up with all the stock websites you could need for most projects.)

Then, it's a case of simply assembling it all together. You use the background footage and overlay the music on top until you get the images to match up to the music how you want, and also add in the text layer on top until that too works best.

You can go a step further even, and hire voice actors to add more flavour...

(I used fiverr.com and if you spend enough time, you can find real bargains. These voice actors each did their lines for less than the price of a coffee.)

For a more in-depth tutorial, searching for "video editing tutorial" or basics on Youtube will reveal a wealth of step-by-step video guides on how to accomplish it.
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