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Simple Book-Selling Formula!

This week, I answered questions as part of “ASK A PRO” sessions held during a writing conference. One of the questions I received from a first-time author was how to market her recently launched book. Ideally, that question should have been answered long before her book was published. In any case, many newbie authors make the mistake of waiting til the book comes out before focusing on marketing.

My advice was to use the BOOK-SELLING FORMULA that I described in my latest book, which is Book Sales = An Appealing Book + Social Proof + Visibility. An appealing book is a well-written, professionally edited book with an attractive cover design and was written specifically for your target audience. Social Proof is simply third-party recognition of your book’s quality, such as customer reviews, blurbs, or book awards. Visibility is anything you can do to get your book noticed by your target audience, such as buying Amazon ads, giving speeches, and being active on social media.
It turns out that the author who asked me this marketing question had only focused on the first two elements, but neglected Visibility. So we discussed various tactics to get her book noticed by her target audience. Foranyone struggling with book sales, I highly recommend following this simple formula and making sure to satisfy all 3 elements. Hope this marketing tip helps!



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