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Has anyone used any book reviewers for self publishing / ebooks? If so, would anyone care to share any good names / sites etc? :) Do they charge?


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If you mean getting reviews for your book upon its release, they tend to get called ARCs these days (advanced review copy.)
I've not used a service for that yet, but I have a friend who publishes an unbelievable amount of books each year (she is a MACHINE i tell you) and she has used Booksprout a lot over the last year.
I've seen her sales go from next to nothing to making her a lot of cash on every release. It's not lost on me that she gets a LOT of first-day reviews that help her launch sales immensely, and most of them come from Booksprout. So much so I'm planning to use it for my next release.
Her only negative word to say about that site is there is 1 continual scammer who pretends he doesn't have a key to your book, and can you please resend it to his/her email. As long as you ignore that, it's a clean and effective service.


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Depending on your genre, Hidden Gems (website) might work for you. They do mostly fantasy and romance from what I can tell. I listed a couple of my sciFi books there and got some reviews. The site isn't free though.