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Memories of a Distant Future by M.D. Robinson
Published: July 31, 2015
Words: 93,720
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310818431

Review by: L. G. Cullens (author of Calan's Eden) on Oct. 4, 2016

As the author notes in his book description, a current day young man finds himself several hundred years in the past, in a North America before Europeans began to arrive. He recognizes the terrain of northern Wyoming, but is understandably confused by the absence of modern man's hand. So begin his adventures in a time closer to Nature.

The story is both awe inspiring and endearing, especially to me in being familiar with both the locale and people depicted. To those that look for depth in a story, the author's use of a simpler setting brings out humankind's good and bad proclivities.

My only issue with this book was the author's stumbling, drawn out start, where he might have better captured the reader's mind's eye and attention. I got over such though, as the author quickly hit his stride in presenting an engrossing story.

This isn't the kind of book where one can note snippets to interest potential readers, so I'll say only that many should find this book an immersing and enjoyable read.



WF Veterans
Ice Canyon Monster by Keith Rommel
Publisher: Sunbury Press, Inc.
Published: July 23, 2016
Print Length: 136 pages
ISBN: 978-1620067222
ebook available (592 KB)
Language: English

Review by: L. G. Cullens (author of Calan's Eden) on Oct. 17, 2016

This is much more than a monster book, addressing very real problems we face with a tantalizing story. Beyond the reality based setting, this many talented and award wining author drags the reader into the story as few I've read do.

What lengths would you go to if your cherished way of life, and those you cared for, were being destroyed by a corrupt and uncaring materialistic culture? Now imagine you're an Eskimo Shaman, and ask yourself the same question.

I toss aside many books, especially the fanciful kind written by the naïve, so based on the cover alone I passed over picking this up several times. When I did eventually give it a shot though, I had trouble putting it down. Warning, this book moves like a freight train. Strangely for this storytelling ilk, I even found myself rooting for the monster.

It's hard for me to imagine anyone not enjoying this book. As another reviewer said, "Here comes Keith and he is taking no prisoners with his new book!"

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Snugs The Snow Bear

What a delightful children book.

I picked up the book “Snugs The Snow Bear” as a birthday gift for my grandson, and read it to be sure I’d made a good choice. I was richly rewarded with an exceptional storytelling effort. It’s a story most any parent or grandparent would throughly enjoy reading to a child.

Please give us more of your delightful stories Suzy Davies.