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book recomendations? (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
im going to the library soon. sooo i was looking for alittle help.

i already have...


slaughterhouse 5

Count of Monte Christo (already read it, but going to do it again)


1984 (also a second timer)

any other suggestions??


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There's like 50 other "Suggestions/Recomendations" threads, but what the hell. I recently finished (gobbled up is more like it) Shōgun by James Clavell and it has officially claimed the title of "My Favorite Book". It was great, but I am partial to Japanese Culture, Samurai and the like.

Another great one, to me anyways, if you like indians and frontiersmen, is Moon of Bitter Cold by Fredrick J. Chiaventone. It's an awesome narrative around the events of the push west. Awesome characterization and tale of pioneers trying to establish a settlement within Indian territory.


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Thanks for the help. yes i know there are many other threads, but i already picked somebooks off of those, so i was waiting to see if anyone else had some input.

and i totally agree. my brother takes japanese and he recently finnished Shogun. ive just begun reading but im already into the story.

yay for samurais