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Book or Novel? Author or Novelist? (1 Viewer)


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WITHOUT consulting Google what is the difference?

Amazon sells books - hard copies and e-books. However, I've noticed writers often say: I've completed my first novel while others use the word book. Do you use the words interchangeably and if so why and when?
The same with novelists and authors? Writers have an author page and not a novelist page.


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The words author and book are more general and include non-fiction, anthologies, illustrated books, cookbooks, etc. So that's why Amazon likely calls them books and provides an "author page," so it is consistent for all writers.

Much like Irwin says, I would use the word novelist to describe a type of author. Other than poets, they seem to be the only category that has a specific title that I can think of without googling. I was thinking about authors of self-help books and you might call them a guru or expert, but that doesn't really refer to their writing. It's an interesting point. When did the term "novelist" become popular? Ok, I'm going to go google it now...
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Olly Buckle

Novelist is quite specific, one who writes novels. Author and writer might be a nicer distinction, my feeling is that there is more of the original about an author, more of the factual about a writer ? On the other hand when I speak of myself I say 'writer' despite the fact that the majority of my writing is short stories, self deprecating?
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