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BOOK MARKETING TIP: Google your Author Name & Book Titles! (1 Viewer)


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Occasionally google your author name and book titles. Yesterday, I did that and discovered someone (who I didn't know) wrote an article on medium this summer and included my self-publishing guide in their TOP 5 LIST of self-publishing resources! Not only was that a much needed boost to my self-esteem as a writer, but I was also able to share their article on my social media and thereby promote my book (as well as that person's article). I believe that is called a "win-win."

magnifying glass pic_from Pixabay 05312019.jpg

You can also set up Google Alerts to periodically search for certain terms (e.g., your author name and book titles) and send you email updates when it finds something new. Curiously, my Google Alert that I have set up didn't detect this medium article (I'm guessing that article didn't have any metadata or keywords that included my author name or book titles). So I still recommend using Google manually from time to time.

Hope this tip helps.