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Book Giveaway for Passages: A Writing Forums Anthology (1 Viewer)


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Oh wicked! Congrats, guys!! Thank you for your hard work in arranging this, TK!!! And of course to WF for providing the paperback copies!


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This is exciting! I am looking forward to seeing the results of the giveaway. May the winner be inspired by hard-work and share this invaluable resource with their community.


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I would so much like a copy but not being in the US, Canada or GB unfortunately I do not qualify. :grief:


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Time is running out to sign up for the book giveaway at Goodreads :) The only thing better than a good book is a good free book. Or is that a free good book? How about a good book that is free :)


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A huge congrats to BEN HARPE who has won a lovely print copy of PASSAGES which we will be sending in the mail :) And thanks to all who participated!

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