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book about paranoia (1 Viewer)

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Hi Writers,

I'm not a professional writer myself, but I'd wanted to write a book about my experience with paranoid schizophrenia, but I don't have the time. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me write the book. You can e-mail me for details.

In the book, I wish to explain my experience to the public so they can better understand my case and hopefully, paranoia in general.


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I would really love to help you, but because I don't know you at all it would be a very difficult experience. Without constant person-to-person contact there would be a lot of empty space between the two of us and I don't know if I could trust to be compensated.
The only way I would be able to help you is if you had an official contract written up that would be signed by both you and I some way.
I don't mean this to sound b****y or rude, but you've got to understand that co-writing a novel can be an extremely risky move.

If I were to help you (and you wanted me to) I would like you to know that I used to be a Psychology major. I've since changed my direction to Architecture, but I did retain a lot of information from the Psyche. classes I took. I do love the mind and find it extremely intriguing. So I do believe I would be a great fit for you. Also, if I were to help you, I would want to ensure that you're shared thoughts and stories stay just that: YOURS. I would have absolutely no intention of fabricating ideas or events into your writing. Instead I would merely be a sounding bored and/or editor of your work. It would be absolutely terrible if you found a fellow novelist that changed your work into something "mainstream."

If you like, I would love to read some of your experiences with paranoid schizophrenia. I could give you a taste of the way I will be able to help you, if you'd like.
Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you're interested: [email protected]

Good luck and happy writing!


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Although I cannot help you with your project, I wish you the best with regards to life in general, and I hope that in some way you manage to live a fulfilling life despite of your "disability".

With regards to your project, I think you would achieve the best results simply by writing it yourself. You said you didn't have time, but it's about making time, and I believe anyone (no matter how busy) can find at least a little time for writing every day. You just have to do it.

You really said it all best in your last sentence:

"In the book, I wish to explain my experience to the public so they can better understand my case and hopefully, paranoia in general."

YOU wish to explain it, which is why I doubt anyone could write the book for you. No one else can see what it's like being you, and no one can feel your pain better than yourself, which is also why I think you're the only ideal person to convey it on paper.

The ordinary man doesn't comprehend what it's like having a paranoid personality disorder, and much less understands how to convey the message from your point of view, because it's YOUR point of view. I hope this has been helpful in some way.


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I completely agree with BIORD. You really have to write the book yourself because nobody is going to be able to tell your story for you. The only help you should seek is what I suggested, help with editing and refining the work you do. I understand it is probably difficult for you to write, paranoid schizophrenia is a rough disorder that can be hard to manage. But, with the right tools and determination I truly believe you will accomplish the goals you've set for yourself.
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