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deserve to die

hello, my name is amanda and i'm 16-years old.
my favorite things in life are the beatles, reading literature, concert choir and forensics.
yet i suck at sports and cannot swim. oh, woeful things! D=

i love to write but am a walking grammar mistake waiting to happen…thus, you can critique me all you want.
Hello Amanda,

Your first assignment: communicate meaning to your title: "deserve to die."

Great news that your skill is not sports: it will safeguard you from wasting time in the pursual of foolish trophies and fame, and you will have more of life for your mind and what really matters.

As for grammar, that's not your worry as a writer if instead you master the art of communication. Writing is fundamentally a manipulation of the senses through the mind, an attempt to form in the reader's mind the moving pictures of the world and message you want to communicate, and that by mental experience. The use of proper words with understood audience directed definitions is much more important than grammar. More an impressionist painting than a mechanical drawing. And so it satisfies our creative hunger.

Buon appetite',


"Why do I exist?"