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Hey guys, I'm Jake, I'm 14, really into writing. Particularly songs/poetry. Its bothered me on other forums, where the members just gave up on the writing. I got no crits and its really bothered me. I finally decided to join some big writing forum. So here I am, I've been writing for over a year, and I look forward to meeting you guys. :)

My influences come from: Marilyn Manson, Gerad Way (My Chemical Romance), Chester Bennington, Hawthorne Heights,Mae,Stephen Christiansen(Anberlin)

More, I'm sure. xD

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Jake: well met! I think you'll find us to be a pretty upstanding community, and we usually don't ignore new work. Look forward to reading what you have to say. (Or should I say sing?)


Hello and welcome to the community, Jake. Just a quick tip? To get critiques on your work, you have to give 'em. Enjoy!