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Bonas Dias (1 Viewer)


The Scriblerian

Did I spell that title right?

Anyways, just found this place and wanted a little critiquing, so I signed up. So far, I'm impressed with most everything I have seen, and really think I'm going to enjoy it here.

A little about me, I'm 17, I'm from Illinois, I love foruming and have been the admin of many Vb boards in my time, and I really enjoy writing (Obviously). Besides all that though, I'm just here for fun. :)


WF Veterans
Let me be the first to welocme you to Writing Forums, Scriblerian. Have fun here!
About the Spanish, I really would not know... don't speak that language!

Welcome to the forum Scriblerian! It's Buenos Dias, I took 3 years of Spanish and its all I really know.

Hope you enjoy it here :)