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**Apologies for apparent spoilers*

I think the authoer was Simon R. Green. The name of the book was Blue Moon Rising... Never have I read anything like it before or since..

My brother showed it to me when I was in year 4.. I was 8, I read it in 2 nights :p . In an unfortunate accident caused by my mother, the book was burnt to ashes. In the 5 years prior to that I had read the book more than 52 times before I lost count..
It's my personal pet peeve that I have not a single line committed to memory, despite how much I loved it.

Blue Moon Rising was about a fairytale with everything gone wrong. It has every stereotypical fantasy character type.. but that is what can be liked about it... the obviousness of them as such, yet the continued use/abuse of that fact.

The hero, the prince, is sent out to slay a dragon and save the 'princess'. He finds a dragon alright, and it turns out that the 'princess' has him under her fist, and not just that, he collects butterflies.

The joyful king finds his kingdom being butched by demons, and his positioned usurped by his friends.
The young hero is sent to find the only one who might be able to save them all, but finds himself returning long after the opportunity has passed, and all chances of victory cast to the wind.

The innocent simplicity that runs throughout was so gorgeous to me, when compared to the events and actions that took place.

The rest of the book is grisly, packed with death and so many sad moments that I couldn't stop loving it. There was so much magic and intricacy for my young mind to try and comprehend that I simply began reading other books to see if there were any others like it.

Contains: *Spoilers*

A castle 300 feet wide by 100 tall having over ~6000 rooms, and an entire wing that was unable to be found..

A dragon, benevolent, but unconventional in his construction and dialogue.. which I found more than enjoyable..

A Unicorn, completely out of place, but serves up so many rare, beautiful moments that make the story really shine because of it..

An unusual enemy to face: A forest that grows everyday.. and I mean every single day. The darkwood inhabitated by demons begins to suddenly grow, and with each passing night lands and villages are swallowed up, with not a single life escaping.

Your typical enemy gone wrong: The good guys don't have to deal with just any demon or would-be sorceror, but uncountable, unfathomable numbers of doglike monsters, all different, warped, eager to kill and destroy.

An ultimate sword that is actually DIFFERENT for once. The rainbow sword that was born out of a desperate wish by the hero to protect his loved ones... It would only serve when they came under serious threat - and slammed a rainbow down on their would-be executors. <-- Now if that isn't original I don't know what is *grin*
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