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Blue Jay (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Morning unfolding
I rise, walk out the door and listen
as I move
feet crunching on the frosty grass
the dog already rolling in it
clear skies
shorter days
naked trees
landscape changing
most birds migrated
Blue Jay's voice
saying: "Good morning"
found on highest treetop
My voice shouts out
"Well hello Marcel"
automatically my thoughts go to you
half a year has passed
Excitement has consumed me again
I bet you are smiling now
I still feel your hug
our chests crushed together
mother and son
we saved each other more than once
I am stronger these days
I still ask God for help
I also ask you too
I will never hold back
my tears for you
I let them roll down my face
onto my clothes
or on the floor
Some I'll wipe away
but not all
Despite the tears
I've come to reason
by writing about you
helps somehow
I want to live through you too
by being excited
by being silly
by being competitive
by being empathetic
by not judging others
by staying quiet to keep peace
by eating caramel bars
by being playful
I know there's more but
That's how I'm getting stronger