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Blue Aura: (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
In the underneath
where the only light is in a dream.
In the drift of potash.
In the land of what is and what has been taken.
In the age of recollections
I remember the promises made –
they are the flash of blue
showing what has passed
and cannot be seen;
what once had touched
and where it had been.

The flare of colour
the only signal of life
in the decay of body and mind.


Senior Member

I like this a lot, there is an almost fleeting quality about this piece. I love the way in which this blue light shines bright throughout the piece.

Would moving taken from L4 to L5 work, I like the idea of setting up this idea of what is/and what has been and then twisting it slightly but only after it has the change to germinate in its own line.

Cheers for the read