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Bloodline (1 Viewer)


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The Story Behind His Birth

Long ago, deep within the ominous depth of darkness that eclipsed the mystic continent of ice, born was a tribe of unbelievably powerful and destructive men- the Karibu. In their bloodline runs an exceptional mastery of super-natural gifts which made them tower above all other tribes. Mind-reading, witchcraft, mysticism, time-travel and use of magic are among the science-defying abilities this talented clan had possessed. Though formidable and mutilative, they unlikely achieved an astonishing feat- the attainment of peace.


The sound of a mammoth’s ivory repeatedly honks as fiery arrows fly to alert everyone of what seems to be a bloodshed waiting to strike behind the curtains of their last dusk..

Kyza, a conceiving woman who possesses the ability to see the future was quickly awakened by her husband, Sarub, the prince of the Karibus‘.

Kyza, hold on tight!” he shouted.

Faster than lightning was a dazzling flash of a yellow light and they were gone even before the enemies twitch their bow-strings loaded with poisoned arrows.

What’s happening?” Kyza was threatened by the intricacy as she looks at the dark, thick smoke that covered the stars of the night sky.

How come you didn’t see this happening? Our tribe is under attack and everyone is dying. The whole place is burning into ashes..” Sarub sounds terrified and enraged.

A sudden flash of light stopped Kyza from moving her lips…

Herone, Sarub’s father was there in an instance..

They are all gone.. Not even our force can withstand an unexpected attack like this.” Herone trembles as he grasps for air..

Kyza has started crying.. Guilt is now starting to engulf her body..

“I didn’t know. I didn’t see this happening..

Mikael…” Sarub stares at his wife.

You were seeing Mikael!” he uttered with judgement.

So Mikael is here. He really came back after all. This is the vengeance he planted inside his heart.” Herone trembles as he speaks..

Kyza cried even more…”I’m sorry. I thought I could change him.. I

And you kept it all to your self..? That filthy dream of yours?” Sarub cutting through.

This is the end of our legacy. All we should do now is wait. Let’s leave everything to our fate.” Herone told Sarub as he coughs then spits blood..

Father, you’re bleeding. I must find a shaman…” Sarub started to shiver.

Herone stopped his son.. “No, this is my time.. perhaps yours too my child.

a deafening explosion echoed.

A fireball suddenly raged on the cave. Herone was consumed by the black fire. Sarub’s father was burnt to ashes…

Sarub was shouting in grief and angst.. “FATHER!!!

Between the wee of the moment, a shadow-like figure quickly circled Sarub while Kyza shakes helplessly in the corner of that grave-cave..

Sarub initiated a counter-assault. He enveloped his body with a ball of electricity to attack the hovering shadow.

No!!!” Kyza shouts as she watches her husband die.

The shadow used Sarub’s attack as his own to quickly defeat his rival.. Sarub was then killed.

The shadow suddenly spoke……

Kyza, I must thank you for being the key for this vengeance to happen… but, I must kill you!

The shadow now slowly approaches Kyza.

Her heart pumps faster as it slowly inches towards her....

"I must do this for my child..." Kyza's thought at the back of her mind...

"I'm sorry that I can't be with you. I feel devastated that I'll lose this dream of hearing you laugh, but, I'm just glad that you may live..."

"Debilitat!!" she cast a spell and the shadow was restrained!!

"Futurum. Ibis...." she whispered as she watches the spirit of her child vanish behind the death-smoke.

She died but was able to send HIM into the future;
Kyrew ....The sole survivor of the Karibu tribe...

Part 2:


Born of a Wolf

The sweltering moon will bear witness of his birth as an owl’s hooting cowardly quips the legend of the Karibu’s annihilation that happened thousands of years ago. Now, the dawn of this glacial darkness will empower the birth of their only heir, yet to arise from his longest sleep and slowly emerging from the fitting womb of the jungle’s fiercest wolf.

Aaaa-woooohhh!!” the wolf cries as she gives birth then aggressively growled at an armadillo passing by.

The freezing wind blows with frightening intentions just as the stars shed their tears.
It didn’t take long before he was out;
finally freed and instantly fated to seek for redemption..

Bang!!” a distant gunshot instantly killed the wolf as the delicate descendant weeps with blood all over his body. It is an instant crime that baptized his emergence.

And so comes Neil, a hunter who appears delighted by the promise of a fine meal he skillfully shot. He slowly crept towards his catch to pick it up but was shocked upon seeing such a helpless infant, bloodily lying on the dead wolf’s fur.

Am I dreaming? What is this child doing here?” Neil couldn’t believe what he saw and tried hard to convince his mind that he’s in reality.

Is anyone here? Your child almost got raped by a wolf you idiot!! Come on! Don’t do this you worthless insensitive abortionist!”
He kept on shouting in hope of finding a clue to understand the conundrum until the mother wolf he thought he already killed rallied her last hoorah by ripping his leg with her razor-sharp canines.

Ooohh.. No! Aaahhh..” the shock and scare immediately penetrated his flesh. Neil is in pain.

He couldn’t do anything but crawl as fast as he could towards his gun that was thrown afar by the wounded predator’s attack.

The wolf desperately howls to seek reinforcement from her pack.

They’re sure to come any minute from now to make a feast out of the confused hunter and possibly, on the helpless child too.

Neil couldn’t stand but he was able to reach the gun in time. He quickly aimed it right on the already-weakened monster’s head and without any hesitation, he pulled the trigger to end her life. He too was smeared with blood .

Neil has had enough of reality so he summoned all his might to get back on his feet and took the child before the other wolves reach them..

He dropped the weapon and wrapped his arms around the frail boy’s body instead.
He ran with all his strength leaving his rusty revolver behind.

Their lives cling on his feet as the corresponding wolves chase him with their canines aimed to inundate their blood..

I can do this. I must do this. I’m strong. I’m I strong…

He mustered his deepest will of survival just to keep his pace up.
The blood from his wounded leg gashes every time he leaps, leaving a trail and scent behind as he try to out run the tailing monsters of the jungle..

He look ahead and saw his familiar ash-gray old truck… He almost fainted but made it there in time.

The hunted hunter quickly jumped inside and carefully laid the helpless child beside him.
He locked the doors and closed all the windows right before the alpha-male charged with a forceful jump that propelled his muzzle to collide against the pane.

The dominant male’s saliva splotched right in front of Neil’s eyes as it flows down from the glass.

The enraged pack of wolves seemed insuperable but he made it somehow with the sound of his truck’s engine prompting their sure escape…

Part 3


The Emblem of Marvel

Beneath every surface, lies is a history that will justify what a man’s vision sees. Beyond, there are prodigies who can flash scenes of ignition, even when against the nothingness of one’s own blindness. Neil’s scar explains the past of his dreadful survival against the canines’ insuperability, and whenever he sees it, it reminds him of a story which only he knows-
the Emblem of Marvel.

Dad, I gotta go.. You‘re day dreaming again.. ” the lad with the virtuous walk appeared out of nowhere and greeted the old man with an elusive tap on his shoulder.

O-o-kay son.. Stay away from trouble..” the old man was stuttering in disbelief.

I’ll be back early to fix our fridge that doesn’t work!!” Kyrew was shouting before his swift disappearance which left the old hunter musing of how the boy changed his life..

Don’t let them know!! You fool!” the old man suddenly realized that his adopted son was breaking the rules only to put a naughty grin on the young man’s lips as he dashes his way to college, already kilometers away from his father...

Eighteen years ago following their escape from the monstrous hounds of the jungle, Neil had no other choice but to take responsibility of the the Karian descendant.. The once irresponsible man with no ambition was suddenly fueled by the ember of affection he felt for the child. He changed and a direction was found; probably a meaning that can only be seen whenever a father looks into his son- the essence of living your life for someone else’s.

Within a week of sacrifice, Kyrew learned his first word-


The heir loves milk so much that he used to blab the word almost every minute. He just didn‘t know when to stop. Neil couldn’t explain how irritated he was but never experienced that kind of joy either.

Better milk than blood.

He begun walking at five-months old and Neil knew, the infant is someone different.

At his early years, Kyrew was a fine little boy who appeared always-troubled by the sharp movements of his eyes as if he can see danger minutes before they happen. He too is hyper-sensitive to sounds that he can distinguish people’s heart-rhythms from distant kilometers away. He wasn’t socially inclined so it was hard to find him playing childish games with ordinary children. It was Neil’s way of protecting the innocent boy until he’s old enough to understand the need to conceal his abilities.

At age of five, Neil begun setting some rules to limit Kyrew’s knacks . Kyrew had to offset his usual ways just to hide under the watchful eyes of people. It didn’t take long before he got used to it and there he was, enthusiastically attending his early days of classes as a student at the age of six….

He is a superb pupil. Perhaps, that’s one advantage of possessing such invasive eyes that can see thru somebody’s mind. He even needed to fake few mistakes in exams just to avoid being noticed..

Photosynthesis. Geez.. I didn’t know how to spell that teacher.”
Sorry Dave, you're answer is wrong...

Often times, when a classmate invites him to play, he will do his best to level down to make a competition out of the childish scenes. He was a modest child who seemed really ordinary until everything changed when a group of men attacked Neil as they walk their way home together from school..

It’s payback time old man!” the big guy with a baseball bat was sadistically hitting Neil while the other four kicks him as he wallows helplessly on the ground..

Kyrew saw how the blood of his father oozed from his wounded forehead and it was the very moment when an emblem appeared- a cross surfacing on his neck which seemingly marked the anger of the Karian.

Neil although under intricacy had a glimpse of the awakening. He had never seen it before but he knew right at that moment, something terrible was going to happen. He lost his consciousness and no one else saw what happened next.

Neil woke up on his bed that night and found himself all-covered with blood. He immediately looked for the child who seemed possessed by the new moon’s radiance.

What happened son? What did you do?

Kyrew looked his way and he needed no explanation upon seeing his eyes.

It was an unfathomable stare with ghastly intentions that stole the glamour from the mysterious moon.

It was soon discovered that five unknown men were found lifeless. The fact that they suffered an awful death made it impossible for anyone to identify the corpses...

Part 4


The Oddness of Her Twilight

The melancholic shadows drawn by the early lights of that dawn preoccupied Kyew with thoughts of his forbidden liberty. A stray cat of the streets he found, reminded him of the outcast he sees every time he stands in front of a mirror, perhaps, the most devastating scenes of his restrained existence.

Kyrew’s unreal haste illusorily ensconced him inside the room, long minutes before anyone did. He was alone, but the darkness hallowed by the raging raindrops outside failed to deter his stillness. He looked around the timeworn walls for a while. The old wood, with its classic white paint’s peelings, marked how the chamber witnessed the untold stories of the past, and made him wonder about his hidden disparity..

"Tik-tak.. Tik-tak"….... sudden footsteps were approaching fast before they vanished..

How?”.. It’s unusual for him to hear footsteps without sensing the doer’s heartbeat... He went outside the room like an ordinary student to survey the corridor but was appalled by an unexpected tranquil voice..

You‘re earlier than me.....” an appealing brunette with a beautiful face leaning on the wall just beside the doorway was smiling at him.

“I plan to beat Einstein too.” He answered with a poker face, trying hard to hide how shocked he was.

Well, we were once classmates and he was a terrible student”..... she replied with an alluring smile.

Kyrew was petrified in disbelief by the moment he sensed her heartbeat. Its rhythm echoed the truth behind her statement. He pretended clueless while seeking for an explanation and clung on his composure to remain ordinary.

Sounds like a love story. He’s got a fine taste for a nerd.”...... while teasingly staring at the woman’s curvy body.

Better a nerd than a pervert.”.... the irritated woman answered with a glare right before the bell rang which signaled the arrival of other students.


The bell’s ringing sent them inside the classroom and it only took short minutes before unfamiliar faces arrived to fill his senses with different vibes, along with the stale dogma of their professor.

While the faint voice of his lecturer resonates on every corner of the room, Kyrew’s mind was drifting in places, aiming certainty to end the conundrum his first collegiate day had brought.

Could it be possible that she’s someone like me?....” while staring at the girl sitting in front of him..

Mr. Senkli!! Am I boring you out?” the irritated pitch of his professor’s voice cut thru the middle his contemplation. Minutes had already gone by, and he failed to keep up with the flow.

He used his invasive eyes to see thru his instructor’s mind just to fake his presence then a cold air suddenly enveloped the old man’s body and gave him the sudden goose bumps…

I was actually thinking about the Theory of Determination when I noticed that your rejuvenated body is somewhat in cold.” he read and foresaw these things inside his professor’s mind which left his classmates laughing and his professor terrified.

Pervert...” he heard the softest whisper of the girl sitting in front of him, couple of meters afar.

The class ended swiftly and his out-of-the-class musing drove him outside without learning anything but confusions.. He went outside the campus and stealthy observed the surrounding, probing for the girl with the perplexed oddness.

She’s not too far from here.” after sensing the most unpredictable heartbeat then he disappeared with a massive haste to follow the mysterious girl.

He saw the woman walking away from the stressful crowds of the city.. He was creeping and tailing the target with distant grounds to avoid being noticed.

Where is she going?” the girl kept on walking, going further and further away from everyone else’s presence.

Tok-tok-tok- toktok-tok-tok...” he noticed others’ footsteps following, probably three men with intense rhythms.

He just submerged his awareness in his stealth and observed carefully while sticking to his surveillance.

The girl stopped.. The sun was about to drown its bronze flame, beneath the horizon of the rampant sea waves below, to give way for the looming darkness. The cliff where the girl was standing would probably make the best place for anyone to catch the view..

She walked all the way here just to watch the sunset?” he tried hard not to laugh while scratching his head..

The liberated girl took out her camera and sat on a fine log lying on the ground.. She flashed some shots while womanly taking photos of the twilight from that high ground..

The wind who blew with romance made her hair gently wave as the pale twilight’s sunray on her face drew such lovely luster over her chinky eyes.

Kyrew Senkli was watching the whole scene right before hearing the footsteps that carried frightening intentions.

There you are lady!! You‘re all mine now!” the voice of a nymphomaniac messed with her serenity as the other two quickly made their way to take advantage of the young girl..

What do you want? What are you all doing here?!!” she was terrified upon seeing three big drooling men craving for lust.

The poor girl grabbed her bag and tried to run only to get pushed back nearer along side that cliff who awaits for someone‘s fall like the inviting jaws of a lion.

Come on! I know you can do better than that. You’re just like me.” the spectator was to test the girl’s ability wanting to prove his conclusion.

With nowhere else to run, the girl summoned her will by throwing the things inside her bag directly at the lust-craving men while the three maniacs slowly approach…

Come on sweety, better have fun with us than die falling from there

Die!..” she threw the camera which landed hardly on the moron’s forehead..

Blood begun flowing from his wound which enraged their carnal motives..

They grabbed the girl and ripped her shirt exposing her undergarment.

Help!! Help!!” the girl was shouting in despair and fear while forcefully retaliating against the two men who overpowered her arms..

Come on, do it already, This is no time for modesty.

Kyrew actually believed that the abused woman is a Karian until one of the heinous men clouted the girl on her left ear.

She instantly lost her consciousness giving liberty for the rapists to exploit her young body...

The carnal crime was about to start when Kyrew made his move.

One of the maniac was about to rip his undergarment, when a stone, thrown at a bullet-like speed collided on the back of his head.


The stone passed thru his skull and exposed portions of his brain outside before his body fell lifeless on the ground..

And there, appeared was a lonely young man who thought he had found the girl of his kind, Kyrew Senkli…….

To be continued.....
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Nice story.

However, at the start you say that 'Kyza' has the power of time travel, but later on she is asked why she did not see the attack coming.

To see the future is called prophesy, not time travel.
Time travel is when you can actually go forwards or backwards through time.

Also, you don't need to leave such a large space in between each piece of speech.