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Blood Moon (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
Explain the heaviness
sit still, watch the door
stays closed no matter
how long
the stare, thoughts,
tumbling meteorites
occupy this night – no one
can catch ashes,

let them blow, boy
let them blow, and tears
as rainfall to bring a green hesitancy
after snowfall.

Remember the ring – the sign
of the eternal?

Nothing lasts but change;
everything dies
even a dream.


Senior Member
This captured a melancholy feeling that exists inside of me. The last two lines hit hard -"everything dies, even a dream."

I'm always trying to figure out what poems mean...
Is this about cycles? Allow the sadness (ashes)because it will leave...and come back...and leave.

"no one can catch ashes"- I really love this line... Don't try to hold on, just allow life to happen...
This poem drew me in. I liked it.