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From the start
we hear it
we know it
and some
learn to hate it

the command
the right thing
that act of kindness


so we do what is right

we hand out our blocks
and let others have access

but soon, they see a truth
we weaken as we give
and they do not care
for what is actually right

they continue to take
in an endless cycle
until they have them

all of our blocks
that we were told
we needed to share

and we, who have nothing
are now in the wrong
we suddenly question

why must I give my blocks
when they have contributed

absolutely none

it is a line of blocks
cast in the sand
a wall, built at our expense

but the taker is on the far side
unable to scale the obstacle

We don't have any blocks to give
so now we aren't of any use
to anyone, except maybe ourselves

Cris V

Senior Member
This is so sadly cynical. Don't take that in a bad way. I imagine it's what you were going for.

I particularly like your use of such an innocent item as a child's blocks to expand this into an adult theme. I do hope, though, that as we get older we learn who to share with and who not, that we're better able to build and maintain our tribe.


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There is a difference between cynicism and recognition of a basic truth.

e.g. the perceived arrogance of the kid who requests to do a group project on their own because they (requestee) were quick to pick up on the behaviour patterns of their peers


More commonly extroverts approaching introverts, who are uncomfortable in social situations, saying things like : Why aren't you talking, drinking, eating...or generally contributing to the general melee. Why are we not giving our energy expenditures to an activity we find stressful?

If the lender sees merit in the endeavour, we know how to dig the sand and collapse a small portion of the wall on our terms, but the expectation of compliance without even a cursory examination of the situation is inherent entitlement on the part of those waiting to receive.

It can be a very difficult perspective to understand because even in the broadest archetypal categories of extrovert and introverts, introverts are a minority of about 35%. Add in traits like neurodivergencies and the perspective splinters even more because inherent brain differences are at the root of ostracisation and exploitation in even the youngest peer groups. Those ostracised for whatever reason learn to spot takers early in order to protect themselves.

It is one of the foundations of behavioural masking which has been found to contribute to long term negative consequences (increased occurrences of depression, self harm, burn out, chronic fatigue etc) in the lenders.

If such an individual willing shares blocks with a lendee, it says a lot about the lender's level of trust and investment in the lendee because the lender knows they will never get their blocks back.

The lender becomes a villian (a cynical, jaded asshole) because they are smart enough to recognise a pattern and detour to avoid an exploitative situation they have encountered before.

Pyschology is about perspective, understand how and why people think and do the things they do. 20% of the general population doesn't have a problem with things like stealing if they know they won't get caught. 1 in 4 people have sociopathic traits. 1 in 10 meet the DSM criteria for a clinical sociopathy diagnosis.

I'm looking at the numbers and pattern history, but each situation is considered on a case by case basis.

Boundaries and words like no become offensive. (Known problematic pattern) Blocks given by people who have boundaries, who can and do say no matter because of the consideration given.

The cat who finally approaches of its own volition, not because of bribery or calling is that awkward friend in the group who blurts out uncomfortable truth most people do not want to acknowledge.

Blocks is an uncomfortable truth.
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