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Blind Date (1 Viewer)

Dylan di Vilde

Senior Member
When we meet tomorrow afternoon

under the station clock,

you will recognise me by my distinctive Come-to-bed eyes,

my Get-a-load-of-this-baby nose,

my Right-you–Knickers-off-now mouth,

my Hey-pretty-lady-you-wan’-jig-a-jig? moustache,

and my Why-Contessa–you-appear-to-be-wearing-nothing-but-my-finest-cologne earlobes.

And, just in case, the crimson carnation pinned to my anorak.
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Staff member
I guess you have only one thing on your mind-- If I was that woman I'd take a good look at you, laugh, and keep on walking.

A chauvinistic poem to the core, light-hearted in a Neanderthal type of way.


Staff member
Dylan, I love your dry humour :)

and the last word in the closing line
And, just in case, the crimson carnation pinned to my anorak.
was a cracker.

You built up the reader to expect so much more than a guy dressed in an anorak.


WF Veterans
Why that sexy little nerd. I'd love to see how he might reveal that montage of simmering, self assured, expressions on his face. haha I enjoyed your poem. Lots of fun. You created a great character.


Senior Member
Guys what if we read the poem backwards and the man wasn’t in the anorak but the woman was?

Just a thought

Great poem tho btw [emoji41]

EDIT: oh wait never mind I just saw the moustache part how could I miss that? [emoji2356]

Still a very funny “take-a-look-see” at how dating the wrong guy looks like.

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