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"Birdsong" - Sebastian Faulks (1 Viewer)



Well, I'm recommending this highly. It weighs in at 500 pages, and is a book themed around World War I.

It's far from a perfect book - in fact, I felt certain parts were terrible. But, as a potential writer, it taught me a lot (by showing me how not to do certain things).

The descriptions of the battlefield itself and the action taking place are second-to-none - absolutely superb. Unfortunately, slightly too much of the book is set away from this, which is where Faulks is at fault.

Still, as an example of how to write war scenes and how not to write sex scenes, it's excellent. Some of the narrative during the war is quite magical, and really moving. Great book.


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I brought this book last summer and I really couldn't get into it.

When I finished the first part, I realized I really wasn't enjoying it and I had other books begging to be read so I gave up. It sits on the book shelf gatherthing dust but I guess I should go back to it and give it a proper chance.