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:wink: Hello folks,
I'm bonnierose. Abandoned, adopted, and reunited, is a synopsis of my life. I ghostwrote and self-published long, lost sister's TRUE life story and now am announcing that paperback on the Internet. In [Arlyne Lucille: From Hellish Depths to...] A.L. Warner shares emotional land mines created by the presence of absentee parents. Abandoned on city streets at age 13, Arlyne immediately faced gang-rape, abduction, captivity, repeated abuse and torture. ISBN# 0-7414-1803-7 is obtained at major online bookstores; story excerpts may be viewed on Bonnie and Bill Homepage, Arlyne Lucille - Book proceeds fund, "Operation Outreach: H.O.P.E.", a ministry 4 the homeless of Cattaraugus County and the whole Western New York State area. [/url]


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there's a section here for posting announcements and selling stuff... this isn't it... this board is for posting non-fiction, not advertisements... you'll find the other one up near the top...
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