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Billie Letts (1 Viewer)



Last year I went with a small group of people from my Creative Writing class and our instructor and English teacher, Billie Letts was speaking at the public library in Miami, Oklahoma. While there, she promoted her newest book, "Shoot the Moon" and the audience got to ask her questions about her writing styles and how she came up with some of her character's names.

Afterwards, she had a book signing and you were able to buy a copy of her books if you hadn't already had one with you. There were three there that I remember, her newest novel, "Shoot the Moon", and then there was, "The Honk and Holler Opening Soon" , and the most famous one of them all, " Where the Heart Is."

I was just wondering if there was anyone who had ever read these books and what they think of Billie's writing style.


Someone loaned me Shoot the Moon, not even realizing that I was born and raised in Oklahoma. To answer your question, I really enjoyed the book. It was an easy read and had enough mystery to keep me interested. I thought the love story was a bit quirky, considering their "near relation," but it was still sweet. Best of all, I loved all the Oklahoma references that I was able to recognize. Did you like it? How was she in person?


I loved all three of her books, she was awsome in person. She had such a sweet disposition about her. She asked questions about what you as an individual was interested in, and she tried to have a conversation with you, rather than just rushing you along so that she could sign the next book and soon be on her way. I mentioned to her that I was a beginner author myself and that I'd had a few peices of poetry published in a mass collection, and she gave me a little advice to get me pointed in the right direction.