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I am sure many of you here have wonderful tales of what gripped you all into writing, I think it would be lovely to read your influences that lead you to the World of Writing.

To start; Writing for me was never really something I chose, it feels more like a happy accident. Writing diaries in the past where personal ways to express frustrations of this world, but a bad relationship started this journey for me. I began but stopped as career and family took over, however in the last few years writing has become more of a friend to me. I can recall 3 years ago, chatting to a friend, a mother of two, she was telling me about her burning ambition to open her own acupuncture practice. A few years younger than me, she had the support from her husband and family to chase her dreams, to study and attain the qualifications needed, and from that point onwards I looked at my own self, thinking of the book I started, but never continued, wanting to become a writer.

Along this journey I wrote constantly, read, researched, inspired to chase a dream, with writing being a pillar in my low times, and diversion in creating happy times. I walked this path with many friends, eager and supportive, but as is life, everyone branched out to follow our owns roads in life. Some have fallen out, but when the time comes and I can pass them my stories, my books, I can say Thank you, you guys were my biggest influences in my journey in writing.

Who were yours?


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I've been writing nearly since day one, mostly because I read a lot of books when I was really young and figured I could do better. I finished writing my first book at 13 and haven't stopped for more than 40 years. It's not a happy accident, it's a way of life. It wasn't until relatively late that I was "serious" about it, in the sense that I cared about being published, but then I had a Big Five publishing contract on the table and have now put out a lot of books and have developed a decent following. I write because it's what I do. That I have a readership is just a bonus.

I've been lucky, over the many years I've been doing this, to make a lot of friends in the industry, even when I didn't care a whit about being published. In fact, it was one of my friends who introduced me to his agent and things took off from there. Mostly though, just knowing a lot of very big name authors over the years and being able to talk to them about craft, that's where a lot of learning has come from and even though a lot of them are gone now, it's still made all the difference.


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Books, Radio Dramas and Video Games. That simple.

As a kid, I had a walkman and my Grandmother used to get me stories on tape.
I used to love to put on a radio drama. The Shadow was my all-time favorite. The Sherlock Holmes dramas were also good. They even had Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone. I even started narrating my own that I would make up on the fly, usually while I was walking around my countryside with a walking stick and a knife.

Books. Mostly mythology, Shakespeare and Grimm's Fairy Tales. Some books like Beowulf and Arabian Nights. Eventually, later I found Arthur Conan Doyle, Lovecraft, Agatha Christie, Umberto Eco, Hunter S. Thompson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Dickens, Forrester, Stoker, Robert Louis Stevenson, Washington Irving, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, Saki, Sheridan Le Fanu, Guy de Maupassant, E.F. Benson, Horace Walpole, Robert Chambers, Ambrose Bierce, William Hope Hodgson, Wilkie Collins, Alexander Woollcott, Samuel Beckett and on and on and on...

Video Games. The Final Fantasy series inspired a bunch of my writings and twists and world-building.

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One of the first things to ever influence my writing (and start me down the path at the very beginning) was a woman. I have been writing
since the age of 8, and it all started with a series of one-page short stories (that were badly written!) called Fun House. The whole purpose
of them was to help me woo a girl in my class that I had a crush on.

As time progressed, my writing became heavily influence by books and TV series based in the science fiction genre, before being influenced
by mystery and investigation mediums throughout high school. During that time, I had also taken a liking to the novels written by the late,
great Tom Clancy. His writing style and detailed subject matter appealed to me and became an influence all on it's own.

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