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Bigger Than a Turkey (1 Viewer)


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Bigger Than a Turkey Ban

Is it bigger than a turkey,
does it identify as a dog
these are the only criteria
needed for them to rock it
this banned ban song...

Ring the bell, answer, no
so barge right in, rights?
wrong, trump card in hand
says, bigger than a turkey,
the dog becomes a blight.

Science defines the banned...
canis domesticus in the latin,
just that beloved, simple dog
turkey big: dog's defined life
contraband and bathtub gin

Anyone else think, a thing
of think, there's something
screwy in a turkey ban plan--
that the truth is much bigger
than turkey sized contraband.
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a new dawn is upon us-- the beastie king has been dethroned. The turkey has been put in the oven. Enjoyed - the truth persevered....