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Bibliophilia (1 Viewer)


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You are not. I collect books like others collect jewelry. And I prize them even more so.

I have a Shakespeare Sonnets book from 1840, it is so beautiful. I have collected everything from Shakespeare, from the mini-book set, from 1899.
Have a book, "Social Culture Etiquette" 1903, I love this one: street etiquette, flower decorations, social intercourse, those sort of things. Many others, but those are my most prized.

They don't have to be antique for me to love them though. I keep all books I read, as long as they didn't come from a library loan. If I do not like the story, then I donate it to the library or to someone who wants it. Can't fathom the thought of throwing a book in the garbage. Each one is special.

An ex once gave a book of mine away. That was likely the beginning of the end.