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Bethany (1 Viewer)



A little story I wrote about a year ago. True story.


Forrest Roberts

Author's Note: This is a non-fiction piece of work and any resemblences of people living or dead is pure coincidence.

I got to thinking back a couple of years,and remembered Bethany,so I decided that story should be wrote down somewhere. So here it is,the saddest,most depressing story you will ever read. Now,memory will not permit to remember every single detail of the obsession I had with her,but I will do my best.
To start with,her name was Bethany,and she was the most beautiful creature that God ever dreamt of. She had brown hair,a smooth slender body with no flaws,and an angelic face. Her left eye had this cute little piece of flesh that was barely visible above her bottom eye lid. Other people may have said that it was a deformity,that it was disgusting. To me she was like a goddess. To her I was just a friend,but to me she was so much more than that. At the time,she was my life. I thought of her while eating,working,drinking,I even had dreams about her.
The first day I saw her I didn't think much,but that was before she was in my class (she was about a year younger than me). A year from our first meeting I got a real good look at her. The first day of that schoolyear was unbearable,but that was before I got used the pain of not having her. Every morning on the way to school I had a knot in my stomach with no comparison in size. Every morning before school started,we would set at a table,and there she would be. I tried saying something,but my mind couldn't make words meet my mouth. There was nothing I could say to her that would make her see me the way I saw her,so I said nothing. In class,I would stare at her,writing her name over and over again,for no reason at all. In this story I am going to tell you all about this mindless,numbing pain.
Derek was my best friend,he was bigger than me,but younger than me. I'd guess we were in sixth or seventh grade during all this. I started the schoolyear,and found that there was a new student,Bethany. After I saw her I was never the same. I guess I should tell you that I was much different then. I was very immature,and about two weeks after school started I figured out that was not what Bethany liked. So I changed my entire personality for her. She still didn't think of me that way,but I was determined to get her. I called her every night. I still remember her phone number,it has never left me. It was killing me to not have her. I stared at her everyday,and she never really knew how I felt. The very first note I wrote her was asking her to be my girlfriend. If I could do this over again,I would. I've learned more stuff,and that approach scared her away if anything. You can guess the reply I got from her,but I hadn't given up yet. I dreaded recess everyday. She always wore the tightest shirt she could find. It killed me. It mentally killed me. I won't go into detail here. At lunch she always drank Vanilla Coke. Now,I wasn't crazy about the stuff,but I would purposely not bring anything to drink,and her with her generous heart always shared her drink with me. Yes,I drank after her. Every single day. I don't know if it was the Vanilla coke or own sweet nectar,but it intoxicated me. By now,I was already deep into my obsession,even to the point of lunacy. I was crazy. I tortured myself everynight,by thinking of her over and over and over. I couldn't stop. She had me completely under her control,and she didn't even know it.
For a field trip we went to the "Pumpkin Patch". Two girls who were friends with me then,Christin and Christy (who is evil to me no matter what I do,now),insisted that I spend the day with them. So,the three of us did all the stuff,the hay maze,but I watched Bethany from afar. I remember one particular time during the hay maze,Bethany was on one side,and I was on the other. A long line of staCked hay separated us. When she started moving forward,I tried to climb over the wall of hay. Christy and Christin stopped me though. Finally,the two girls got fed up with my distracting obsession,and went off by themselves. I,of course,went after Bethany. When I found her she had been stung by a bee. The bee evidently,having more sense and boldness than any male in the school,flew into Bethany's shirt from one sleeve and exited out the other. And on it's departure stung her fingre. Now,here is a home remedy that I've never heard of. Evidently if you put tobacco on a bee sting it will soothe the pain. She asked her mom and there was no tobacco that was available to us,but there was,however,and old woman smoking a cigarette. Bethany walked up to me and said with the sweetest,most seductive voice "Will you ask that woman if I can have a little bit of tobacco from her cigarette?" I didn't feel so hot about the idea of asking a stranger for some of her tobacco,but it was Bethany. Beautiful,hot,kind Bethany. So,of course,I asked the woman. She looked at me as if I was crazy,and thinking I was going to smoke it or something,she didn't give me any.
Now I am going to tell you about the Fall Festival. Our school always has the Spring Festival every year,but this year they decided to have a Fall Festival,and all the students had to help. We were carrying some boxes to the gym,where we were having the festival,and I had just set down a box of stuff. My teacher,Mr.Frazier,gave me directions on where to take that box,but I thought he was talking to somebody else. So, I started heading towards the door to get more boxes. Bethany just happened to be standing by the door and Mr.Frazier thought I was going towards her. He grabbed me by the arm,and the big idiot said that I had Bethany on the brain and that I was so busy thinking about her that I never payed attention to what anybody else was saying. If he hadn't been a teacher I would have made his teeth hit the wall fifty feet away. Just thinking about it makes me want...never mind. Anyway,the Fall Festival finally came and I brought my cousin,Alex. That was a big mistake. That was where Bethany's crush on Al started. I was in about the fifth stage of my obsession by then,which was desperation,depression,and the pursuance of the obsession. During this I did never notice this crush she had on him,and I believe that all my friends helped conceal it from me,because that would completely destroy me. Al had already stolen,if you can really call it that,one girl from me in the past,and if Bethany came into the picture,I don't know what i would have done. Al didn't really ever take a girl from me. More like he entered the picture,then the girl wouldn't leave his side. At the festival I found Bethany and alex outside...alone. Again I say I didn't realize the crush,so I didn't think much of the aloneness. But when they saw me,they acted frustrated,and then I found Derek trying to coax me inside. All the signs were clear,but I didn't see them.
The next thing I'm going to tell you is a little more risque. Bethany and I were in the gym,and some other people were sitting down on some bleachers a couple of feet away. Bethany and I were messing around. She had something that I was trying to get from her (No,not that!) so I was chasing her. I was behind her and all of a sudden she stopped,and my hand hit her lower black and rapibly slid up her arched back. I managed to undo her bra and pull the back of her shirt up to her neck without trying. She ran off to the bathroom to fix her bra,and I stood there still in a daze. Her bare,bronze back. I had seen her bare skin,now. I was going crazy. She came back out and I apologized. She said she realized that it was an accident,and that I couldn't help it. This event rose my obession to another level.
Now while I may call this an obsession,I don't want you to think of it as a perverse thing,because I loved this girl. She was my world,and I would have done anything for her.
As I said before,I called Bethany frequently. Well,one day I was talking to Derek and he said that his mother was making him get off the phone. So,I let him go and decided to call Bethany. She answered and said that someone else was on the line,and she wanted to talk to him. I asked who it was,and she replied "Derek." I was furious. I told her that she could talk to whoever she wanted and hung up. I,then,started to call Derek in anger,when my mother walked in and asked me to go get something for her at my grandmother's place. I asked her could it wait,because I was very busy. She demanded that I do it right then. She was lucky she had authority over me,because I was the angriest person alive right then. I kicked at rocks,and trees on the way to my grandmother's. I had never felt such anger for Derek. When I got back I called him,and he insisted that he wasn't talking to anyone. I didn't believe him for one minute. I said "Let's see about that."and I pressed the flash button. I dialed Bethany's familiar number and,then I flashed over so Derek would be in the three-way call. Bethany's mother picked up. I felt a little embarrassed,but still angry. I told her I had the wrong number. That was the start of my feud with Derek over Bethany.
A couple of weeks before Derek and I were talking,and I asked him if he felt about Bethany the same way I did. And he said no. Memory doesn't allow me to remember exactly how Bethany and I got on the subject,but I told her that Derek did'nt feel about her that way. A couple of days later I got a call from him and my cousin. Derek asked me why I had told Bethany that he didn't like her. "Because you don't." I replied simply. "That's not true,and you know it!"he said back to me. Turns out he did like Bethany that way,but was just really good at hiding. He thought I told Bethany that he didn't feel about her that way,because I wanted her and I didn't want him to have her. I just hung up on him. I shed a small tear,because it felt as if everybody wanted me to be miserable.
Thanksgiving came,and I was talking with Krista alot. (The girl I previously had a crush on,before she chose Al). On Thanksgiving day she brought her friend from Florida over,named Tiffany. She was nice,and kind of pretty. Krista eventually got us together,she told me that she liked me. Tiffany was my first girlfriend (if you can call her this,but I'll get to that later). The first few weeks we were going out,I felt so different. I had a girlfriend. for the first time in my life,I would JUMP out of bed at six in the morning. I felt eternally happy,but I still loved Bethany. I never told anyone this,but I did. It was my secret,because if anyone found out,they would tell Tiffany,and it would hurt her.
It was winter,and I tried to keep my distance from Bethany,because of Tiffany.
Spring came and Tiffany and I broke up. She said we lived too far away,for us to have a relationship. I found out later that this whole thing was a ruse by Krista to get me a girlfriend. I was so mad,it was almost like charity,almost. People giving you something,because you are not as fortunate as them. Needless to say,Krista and I don't talk much anymore.
We were going on another field trip. We went to a farm,evidently the owners were friends of my teachers,and they kept Christy's horse there. The first thing we did was do some hiking. I walked with Bethany,of course. She was ticked off at Derek,because he had asked her out the night before,and she said no,so Derek was mad at her,which made her mad at him. Confusing I know,but this is the world of High School. He asked her if she would be his girlfriend,and she said that it would ruin their friendship if they did. Once while we were crossing a small creek,Bethany slipped and fell,but I caught her. It felt so nice to hold her. She was warm,and pulsing with beauty. It was as if her warmth spread all over my body,but also I got a slight chill. It was amazing. After the hike,I hung around with Christy and Christin. Derek and Bethany were talking things over,while sitting on a hay wagon. "They're sitting so close,it looks like their kissing"Christin said. I shot her a evil glance. "Oh,sorry. I forgot" she mumbled. Just the idea made me infuriated,sick,and sad at the same time. There was a feeling in me saying that I had to be up there. I HAD to be a part of that conversation. I wanted to be a part of that so bad. On the ride home Derek and Bethany held hands,because Bethany's hands were "cold".
This has very little to do with Bethany,but Derek and Al was having a fight,because Derek wanted Al's grilfriend Krista. Derek concocted this scheme. See,he told Krista,and everbody else,that Al was cheating on Krista,and doing drugs and stuff. None of this was true,of course,but it got Derek in position for Krista's best friend. Derek asked her out and she said yes,because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. Eventually they broke up,because Krista saw something she didn't before. The part concerning Bethany was that she still had a crush on him,until Derek told her all these lies. That's when I found out about the crush. I felt sick,it was like incest almost. It took a while but,I got over it.
This is when I wrote the poem. Yes,the world-famous poem. Everybody I knew,knew about it,except for my family. I wrote a very nicely worded poem for Bethany. It didn't rhyme,but it was very flattering. The worst part was that she showed it to her mother. I complemented every part of her in that poem. Her hair,her eyes,her FIGURE! I could have died.
Derek and Alex made up,for the most part. They aren't friends anymore,but neither are they enemies.
The year rounded off,and Bethany left. I have never forgotten her. I can still remember her phone number. I remember her,and I doubt that I will ever forget her.I see her every once in a while,and I try to keep her from seeing me,because if she started talking to me,I would hurt so bad. It hurts enough when I see her.