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Beta Readers for Supernatural Mystery, 92k words, UPDATED 9/15 (1 Viewer)


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I'm looking for beta readers on my current project, EYES OF SILVER, an adult supernatural mystery story. I wrote it with a "Dresden Files meets Silent Hill" mood in mind. I'm primarily looking for 'big picture' comments on story, structure, and character arcs, but I'm interested in any comments that come to mind while you read.

Quick Blurb:
22-year-old journalism major Dari wasn't surprised to see her abysmal hometown trending because someone had found some bodies. She was surprised to learn they were found on the same nature trail where she encountered haunting supernatural sights that she has repressed for years. Fearing her fantastical encounter might somehow be involved -- that she might be responsible, in part, for these deaths -- she returns to the town that had never felt like home. Putting her inquisitive mind to work, she seeks to uncover the cause of these deaths and do her damnedest to prevent any more. But some things are universal, even when the supernatural is involved: Those with power do not appreciate when those without stick their noses where they don't belong.

As for content warnings, there is a little profanity and violence. The book touches on some very heavy themes; mentions of abuse, bullying, and mental health concerns plague several characters, though very little is directly depicted on the page. I posted the first chapter in the fiction workshop, so you can take a look and get an idea if this book is up your alley or not.

I am open to swapping. I prefer Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I'm open to almost any genre (outside of Middle Grade, Historical, and genre Romance, though romantic subplots are fine). I am usually able to finish reads within a month. I prefer readers who can at least aim for that time, while respecting that things/delays happen. :)

If you're interested, post here or PM me. I prefer sending my MS as a windows docx file through email, though Google Docs is also fine.
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I'm provisionally approving this post, but please read the requirements in this Sticky, and edit your post to make sure everything listed in it is included: