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Beta reader request for a 78k Crime novel set in the UK CLOSED. (1 Viewer)


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Contains violence, swearing and sex scenes. Below is the body of the query I am working on by way of a blurb. If you want to read a chapter to see if it is a good fit, let me know.

The problem with hiding is they never stop looking for you.

Danny feels safe tucked away in the little Welsh seaside town. He just wants to fish, drink the odd beer, and maybe get laid now and then. But then he meets the captivating and beautiful Megan, and discovers he wants more. When she posts a picture of him on Facebook, she inadvertently reveals his whereabouts. He needs to choose now. Leave Megan and continue to run from the vengeful gangster, Ralph Teller, who blames him for the death of his brother and has sworn to kill him. Or take the perilous option of going back to London to end this thing.

Initially he chooses the first, but soon realises he can’t leave Megan, let alone leave her in danger. He returns to get her, but finds two of Teller’s henchmen already have her. A violent confrontation ends with the henchmen at the bottom of the Irish Sea, and Megan an accomplice to murder. Now there’s no turning back. They head to London to deal with Ralph and his remaining brother, Micky. They have two guns, a little cash, and almost no chance of surviving.

Moonbeam is an adult crime novel, complete at 78,800 words. It follows Danny and Megan for an intense two weeks, as they try to stay alive, out of jail, and maybe even make a profit. The lean writing style will appeal to fans of (still working on the comps.)
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Just want to let folks know. I now have a later revision of Moonbeam and would very much like one more round of beta readers. The feedback so far has been very positive.