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Beta/Alpha readers for Science Fiction Action Drama EDIT: Not currently looking for readers for this project. (1 Viewer)

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EDIT: Not currently looking for readers for this project.

Hello! I'm looking for readers to critique my current project, TriLex, a sci-fi action/drama. The main character is a futuristic born-in-a-lab/bred-for-war soldier, so the story has plenty of military-style set dressing, but I've received a lot of positive feedback from people who say they don't go for military sci-fi, so don't let that deter you! I've posted the first chapter in the workshop if you'd like to take a look before agreeing to read any further. Click here to hop over to the workshop thread!

Blurb/premise rundown:
Our first attempt at launching an FTL ship exploded, ripping space around the Earth and causing portals to open across our world. We wanted to find new worlds and new life, but that life ended up finding us.

Eighty years later, Shaelyn is a futuristic soldier, fighting in a stalemated war between TriLex, the militarized remnants of human civilization, and an invading alliance of aliens, who wield a myriad of powers that seem more magical than technological and who are equally baffled by our scientific accomplishments.

When a small non-human force approaches a heavily guarded city, one they'd normally know better than to attack, Shaelyn is dispatched to investigate, and finds that the enemy is hunting something that escaped them. Something created with forbidden knowledge that might end the stalemate for whichever side controls it first. But this unique 'weapon' turns out to be alive, and most living things don't appreciate being controlled...

The book is currently 93k words. Since I haven't had any eyes on this, I'm mainly looking for developmental comments and bigger picture thing, but I'm open to commentary on just about everything; what works, what doesn't, maybe some help pointing out areas in need of expansion as 93k is a tad light for sci-fi/fantasy these days. I am also open to swapping. I prefer Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I'm open to giving just about any genre a try (outside of Middle Grade, Historical, and genre Romance, though romantic subplots are fine.

Feel free to post here, or PM me!
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